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if a video game doesn’t give you battered wife syndrome… than its just eye candy

this game is boring as fuck, and I cannot figure out why. I watch youtube videos of Grand Theft Auto V, I hyperly determine myself to buy an xbox and get this game immediately. It is the most beautiful and … Continue reading

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Triptykon evoking charisma all the while being depressive as fuck

Artist: TriptykonAlbum: Melana ChasmataLabel: Prowling Death, Century MediaYear: 2014Wiki: Triptych Something has to be said before I get into this, and that is, that I have no familiarity with Hellhammer and haven’t given much adherence to Celtic Frost. I can appreciate these … Continue reading

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Abysmal Dawn “Programmed to Consume” (a semi-over exaggerated review)

Artist: Abysmal DawnRecord: Programmed to ConsumeLabel: RelapseYear: 2008Wiki: accurately pointed here One of the most rewarding benefits of metal is the discovery of a band that absolutely floors you into a frenzy of excitement as a result of their sound. This was … Continue reading

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