my review of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast

This is satire. No really.

My biggest frustration with life and believing in an omnipotent being (and I don’t even know why I am getting into this, because this mind-fuck has disturbed me ever since – and I never wish anyone else to think about stuff like this, it takes away from the enjoyment of life) is the social aspect of life. OK there is this obvious superiority in the regards to a human’s social and economic class, there is this developmental complex that is implemented in everyone’s mind in regards to these certain characteristics. So essentially we are weighted into this hierarchy that to me is best related to the more primitive animal kingdom, the whole predator and prey. Now of course we are in a more civilized world and it is not to be imagined in the sense of a lion butchering a zebra for example. So I take this into perspective when trying to implement the ideas of religion in my life and we have these two forces fighting. In the case of Christianity do we suppose this animalistic side of life in the regard of evil, and a birth right of Satan  or did God create us in this way that is primitive and meant to be understood as such? or do we throw out this whole idea of a God and creator and just amount this existence as a simple “primordial slime” and the evolution of humanity came about.

I get these thoughts and ideas in my mind mainly from social networking sites and watching how people interact and relate that come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We have Christians that relate with beating somebody in the face with a chair, because in their minds the said person lacks the required amount of common sense that they think they should have. And then I think in my mind, well this person is a self proclaimed christian, so he think that his Christianity is OK with the idea of beating up people who have less sense than them with a chair? this doesn’t sound like the behavior that Jesus preached to His disciples. But you see Christianity is conformed by the leaders in the church, its not conformed by the believer’s personal relationship with God and the bible, it is dictated by the interpretations of the church. Just watch and observe how people act.

Another example is “believers” who live a lifestyle that is totally contrary to the christian faith, but they believe and expect a  comfortable spot reserved for them in heaven when they die. It’s illogical to think this way.

Or maybe we have taken the scriptures too seriously. And we are to be meek and humble and try to live life the best we possibly can, and believe in God no matter how hypocritical we appear to those around us. Maybe this evident standard that I have in my mind is the expected standard that I should be living by, and I should no conform. Or possibly it is all bullshit. I think I will be battle with this for the rest of my life.

If we are humans that are nothing more than evolved product of a lesser more primitive ancestor, than the morality we have is nothing more than the fear of punishment for ill behavior. If we are to think that way, than the human existence is a scary place. I choose to refuse that idea, no matter how ignorant I sound. I do believe there is a spiritual aspect to life. I just want to be more involved in the spiritual.

ghost of the rice pudding mystery bus

Just heard this band by the name of Ghost, they are one of those more theatrical bands with a stage presence consisting of a vocalist decked out in full priestly garb with skull paint on his face, meanwhile the rest of the band is all in dark hoods. The music is very reminiscent of old psychedelic rock and metal, often twinged with a stoner rock kind of feel. The vocals are all clean singing, and I am still in a love hate relationship with them. His range and tone rarely change little variety, it does get a little boring. There is some nice lead work here, and the overall tone and feel of the sound is very nostalgic and appealing to me. Of course this band is a by-product in sound comparison to the late and great Mercyful Fate. The band is good enough for me to take notice, I look forward to hearing their future work.


what in the blistering hell is this

I look at my stats every once in a while via the blogger.com dashboard and I found my site is liked and linked from the following blog…


I think it’s cool that the only attention my blog gets is from online scams. Ok maybe that’s a little harsh. After little investigation the following blog leads to the site where you can supposedly make $100’s writing reviews and articles for some 3rd party. Sounds great right? well the only catch is that there is a fee to join this, and there is no guarantee you will make any substantial money. So I am assuming that the following blog that linked me was made by a bot or somebody who just mass builds blogs and then draws attention to other blogs, in hopes that the poor sob’s will sign up through them.

I imagine that the blog was either made by the company that supposedly pays you to make the articles, or it is made by a person who gets money from the company for refferals. I know this is all pretty obvious, and it doesn’t take Columbo to figure out. Peace outside!

Death Metal – the trend, the legacy, the decay

Death metal a offspring of the already subgenre known as Thrash metal, which was popularized by bands like Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer. The earliest bands that I can think of that were probably the main influences of Death Metal were Venom, Sodom and the most obvious DEATH. I am no historian in Metal nor do I care to be, I just want to share my knowledge of the genre the best of my ability, which isn’t worth much, but if you got your wits about you, you will keep reading, ahem… moving right along.

Ok so we have a basic idea of the influences now to mention the bands that really pushed the genre along and that to me would be none other than Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Napalm Death. What was the draw to this genre? well it sounded evil and it had really offensive art work, it was individuality and teenage angst more than anything for me. When I was an adolescent I could turn on some Suffocation and feel like the baddest mother fucker alive. Little did I know, that like myself this genre mainly attracted geeks and other anti-social basement dwellers.

 Lets move along to the 2000’s and we see a genre of metal that is chugging along rather nicely in it’s small circle fans. But ya know the dark nature of this music attracted lesser developed brains particularly those of a demographic of human that was socially adaptive but found the tried and true formula of death metal a little too complicated so they dumbed it down into brakdowns and “moshy” parts. See as I said before this genre attracted some social folks, one’s that aren’t afraid to adapt with other humans, so they wanted to compromise the genre of music, for more of the live aspect, and less of an enjoyable musical experience. This birthed what we know today as “deathcore”, to me a degenerative aspect of metal music, but its there and it exists, and though a degenerate substandard, I can appreciate certain aspects.

 True Death Metal still does live today and is continuing to create noise from the bands of past as well as new one’s that spring up from time to time and garnish some attention from new and long time fans of this genre. Proving that though misunderstood by many has a place in the music world as the almost anti-music movement.

quasi-review of Defeated Sanity, Chapaters…

Artist: Defeated Sanity, Album: Chapters of Repugnance, Label: WillowtipYear: 2010, Wiki: derka derka jihad
The German death metal band Defeated Sanity was one of those random picks I grabbed from the willowtip roster and wasn’t overly impressed with their sound until I listened to Chapters of Repugnance a very chaotic and brutal form of death metal, very reminiscent to me what the (US)Disgorge was trying to do. This is no frills, little distinction from track to track, but for some reason this keeps me interested from start to finish. I don’t think I can use enough adjectives to expound upon this already brutal delivery. Let me just put it simply in matters of regards to musical delivery, vocal approach and lastly the overall package and presentation of the content. Firstly the music as described beforehand is your standard fare of early brutal death metal, I want to say nothing exciting here but it actually does offer a new refreshing dose to the genre. The vocals are standard fare, low gutturals that sound great. Cover and package is your typical generic death metal fare, anti-human art. Overall this album does deliver great brutal metal that is perfect for the gym and/or feeding those nihilistic thoughts of a bleak existence. All kidding aside its a good album, and probably one of the best modern brutal death metal albums I have heard since Cannibal Corpse’s, “Butchered at Birth”. Highly recommended if you are a death metal fan. 
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