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twitch shuts down in Korea and introduces us to Afreeica?

With the escalation of streaming and live content users will no longer be able to to use the twist platform to host their content, instead they are looking to AfreecaTV. Now here in America we have several different options in … Continue reading

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a better direction

I really want to take this web site in a positive foot forward. So, if you do see something that you like or want to help me, or maybe even be a guide for me to do better, I am … Continue reading

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MU Legend – Closes doors

You can search around this site for all kinds of MU Legend related content, so its no disguise I loved the game. I really hope they get things figured out and do move in a better direction. MU Legend an … Continue reading

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Random Update

Nothing too major but I did manage to update a couple of the pages alongside adding a news/update section. Next up is to go through all posts, delete any duplicates and categorize everything. Please make sure to check out the … Continue reading

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Site back up, updates will commence

Just want to give you all a heads up that you can disregard certain posts regarding this site as finished. I am now back in control and will continue to update and add new content.

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A lot of people are under the impression that I’ve abandoned my beliefs, or better yet given up on myself. But a lot of what you’re questioning is not me. It is you! so please shut the fuck up, until … Continue reading

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A bit of news regarding MU Legend. Apparently there is a new epic dungeon available. Here is what youtuber AXCEL had to say: ” hi :), first of all, I think you’re referring about the most common weapon that is … Continue reading

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New WordPress

I am testing out the new word press and attempting to format. This is indicated with a new paragraph.

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