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You can search around this site for all kinds of MU Legend related content, so its no disguise I loved the game. I really hope they get things figured out and do move in a better direction.
MU Legend an MMO I invested a lot of time/money with has now officially closed its door for an undetermined amount of time. If they want some publicity, here it is. Because to my knowledge nobody gives a damn about the game. I loved and played that game when it was on Webzen, but they then sold it over to Valofe.
During this transition, I never was able to recover my original account from them. Just shady and deceptive business practices in my opinion.
Not to discredit the game itself however, because it was actually very fun and I met a lot of great people through playing it. I miss lupa’s lab, the gear progression, its mechanics were decent and it had a great way of sharing and showing its DPS to players.
Theses developers need to see and find their key player base and value them like they value their own company, because without the support and player base a game will crumble.

Support does motivate me

Ulterior motives and nefarious schemes to undermine or mask your true intentions is downright disgusting! please just will due respect and diligence give and provide because you want to see progress not because you you think your fueling an addiction. Life is not a parallel line, it is a chaotic and disordered mess that runs and roams as it pleases. The objective is to sort that out, and get it back to its parallel state.

https://ko-fi.com/trevormarkiw I think I will just leave this here and only look for donations through that. If you ever feel compelled to give or support me in any way I genuinely appreciate and am happy to receive the gift. And if you especially have a motivator in mind for the monetary donation let me know and I will do my best to fulfill that for you. But I really think I can put money into things that will help and build a better world.

Приховані мотиви та мерзенні схеми підірвати чи замаскувати ваші справжні наміри – це просто огидно! будь ласка, виявляйте належну повагу та старанність, тому що ви хочете бачити прогрес, а не тому, що вважаєте, що розпалюєте залежність. Життя – це не паралельна лінія, це хаотичний і невпорядкований безлад, який біжить і блукає, як йому заманеться. Мета полягає в тому, щоб відсортувати це та повернути його до паралельного стану.

Я думаю, що я просто залишу це тут і шукатиму лише через це пожертви. Якщо ви коли-небудь відчуєте потребу зробити або підтримати мене будь-яким способом, я щиро ціную та радий отримати подарунок. І якщо ви маєте на увазі певну мотивацію для грошової пожертви, дайте мені знати, і я зроблю все можливе, щоб виконати це для вас. Але я справді думаю, що можу вкладати гроші в речі, які допоможуть і побудують кращий світ.

MU Legend 22-23

I am excited to announce that MU Legend is STILL active, and it is a massively multiple players for this RPG game that has dungeons and Combat. If you are interested in playing the game. Please look through this information.



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