Heterosexual – lifestyle is misaligned and alienated?

Heterosexual – lifestyle is misaligned and alienated?

I wasn’t sure that when I had a impulse or desire to act or respond to it. In fact the necessity to assess the situation would be better facilitated. See the problem I have with homosexuals and this whole LGBQT establishment is that in its presence is this ingrating detail that it derails normal and productive human living. It prohibits progress in the pursuit of doing nothing more than causing a disharmony in the original genetic and organic balance of the world. Life is very simple, we as humans like to entangle and make things more confusing and maddening.

I want a stop to this perverted ideology and lifestyle, I think men and women should have consensual sex as per usual there need not be any more discussion. If a person has an unhuman amount of sexual desire, than they need to be medically treated in some kind of facility that can treat them. This is also where I have a very liberal and misaligned view on drugs and alcohol. Because yes accessibility and distribution of that kind of product would indeed lead into chaotic havoc. People are not responsible enough to limit their consumption.

Happy Memorial day

Happy Memorial day

Something I take for granted is the fact that my life is a result of the service of others. And I don’t just mean the military. But because today is memorial day, I think and reflect on the friendships of I’ve made with those who have served.

My grandpa served in the military, he doesn’t talk about it too much, but one thing about my grandpa is that he is a very disciplined guy. He sticks to a routine and that’s is how he lives his life. One thing he always tells me, is that in the military you learn how to take a direct a order. There is none of that business about, “but this, or but that”, it’s strictly, “yes sir, no sir”. My grandpa is also a loyal man of God, he never forgets to pray for a meal or remind me of the necessity to be thankful. I love and respect my grandpa very much, and the fact he is as old as is he is and still around and kicking is a huge accomplishment for a human male.

I didn’t start elementary school until the 4th grade. Prior to that I was home schooled. Although I had my gripes with the public school system, one thing I am thankful for is the friendships I made as a result of attending public schools. One of those people I am grateful for is a guy by the name of Jens. He served in the navy after high school. While in service me and him would play StarCraft or play Contra Hard Corps via emulation using NetPlay. Any time I would bitch and moan about my civilian life he would be there to offer me advice or make fun of me for whining and complaining. Something about Jens is he never judged or would complain. He always had an optimistic view and outlook on life. And his generosity exceeded immeasurably.

My beaten and battered brain cannot remember exact or specific dates, but I think it was in my early to mid 20’s when I entered into a men’s recovery program in Texas. This was a brutal 6 month long program. Literally every hour of the day from sunup to sundown was spent working or studying. It was Christian based, and at the time I was very pessimistic as such my opinion of man reflected my opinion of God. What do I mean by this? well I weighed a greater interest in judging human conduct and as a result I lived my life as more of a Pharisee. Yes, this program was less about recovery and more about, “a means to an end”. All that aside I was able to meet many great guys, some of which kept in contact with me, but most if not all I’ve lost contact with now. I know for certain one lost his life. Anyways, during this program my main work detail was in the kitchen, and while they never trusted me to actually make any of the food (who can blame them? I am a terrible cook) I would help assist in any way necessary. Most of the work was in preparations and stocking. Like any well-oiled machine we had a system and it worked well. One person who made this assembly line work so well was a man by the name of Eric Tormos, he served in the Marine Corp. His love for God and his work ethic are attributes that I will never forget, and I am sad to have lost contact with him, but I am no doubt certain he is doing well and helping and serving his community.

There are many others who I’ve been blessed to know and share oxygen with. But one thing about military men and women is they let their actions shine greater than their opinions and words.

So as a token of my gratitude I dedicate this post to all service men and woman around the world who have served and currently serve. And I don’t just mean this in America, but I mean this around the whole world. And while hatred and sin are the fuel for the decline of progress, I am reminded of the love and grace of Christ who showers this mercy over all degradation, derision and dissension between humankind. Satan is a coward, a liar and a mass manipulator.


Monthly email newsletter available

Monthly email newsletter available

I am making a news letter that I will release every month to anyone who is interested. Its going to feature a unique article pertinent to the specific news letter and will share the most new things featured on the web page. If this interests you, please provide me with your email.

In a society that wants “real”, we get no response…

In a society that wants “real”, we get no response…

Relationships and respect are something that I stride after, and I want to have and desire for myself more than anything else to get good relationships with people. I guess with my earlier years of life I would just run into any scenario or situation without any recourse or disposition, it was always just my naivety and goofiness that would attract attention. As I have gotten older, I have realized that life is not always about doing fun and silly things just to get the satisfaction from other people. And now I think about Charles Bukowski and hearing him encapsulate this grandeur experience from his binge drinking and chain smoking, and I just think about the decaying and disgusting result he is doing to his human body. From the inside out he is so mellow and enjoyed but deeper beyond the surface he is suffering from much pain and frustration that is life. And this is the rabbit trail I am engaging myself in. Its a dastard and wicked way to look at it, but do not let this fail you in thinking that I have any greater way of conducting myself. I am much of which is the engagement of destruction, and it is at my better misery that I sit here typing this. I want to give back to the community, but I also need to eat myself. And here I am still in this constant maze trying to figure things out.

All this to say, Uberdisko if you’re reading this, I do appreciate you and think of you as a good friend, and I am hurt and personally offended that you will not have the courtesy to respond back to me.

See this is where I see the decline in the internet, because for the better half of it we went on a hail mary do as thou wilt attitude. But now we have this well observed and objective view of ourselves and we are very dismissive to respond in a realistic fashion, because yes this digital transcript will parade and torment you. Get off the gas, say what you mean and mean what you say. Lets stop with the distractions and just let it all out and be free to express ourselves openly.

And at this discourse I am going off in a direction that submits into the hate and chaos and archaic disorder that erodes and collapses our sane rational minds. At the end of the day we all need Jesus and we need His grace and His purpose and guidance to carry us to better days ahead. I do not want be ostracized and isolated because I believe in this fact.

Scripture reading from my friend Josh

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this family from a young age. Its been a series of ups and downs, but I would like to think its been more up than down. I wont say their last name, for obvious reasons but they are a large family from my hometown, and I’ve been friends with them for over two decades now I think? Here is Josh reading some scripture. Enjoy.

More Wealth Now
Sleeping Giant

Their sister Hannah does art and singing as well, but I cannot seem to find her socials or web site at the moment. I will be adding their pages to my front page soon. Kind of dry on content lately, so I hope you dont mind this post.

leaky gut, lectin and prebiotics?


I randomly saw this ad and didn’t think much of it, but out of curiosity I watched it to the end and I am actually feeling kind of down on myself because I am in the group of people who assumed whole wheat and grains was a good part of diet, and was unaware of the damage of lectin’s in the intestinal walls of the gut. But this actually makes a whole lot of sense, because I do feel a lot of gassiness and bloating from my diet of high grains and nuts. So I’ve actually been doing myself quite a bit of harm, in the theory that I was actually doing myself some good. Its actually a very entertaining and enlightening video, if you have the time to watch it. But in summary he is trying to sell his vitamin Bio Complete 3. Its about $50 a bottle, and Im hard pressed for the cash, but I wish I had the money because I wanna start this stuff right now. This video covers a lot he dives into the diets of other countries and cultures and he details the benefits and longevity of said people. I had no idea the detrimental affect of chapstick and antacid pills. Im sure a lot of people are skeptical, but if that’s you, I’d seriously encourage you to watch the video. This might help give you an extra 10-20 years to your life span.

Now I am both excited and encouraged to find these discoveries from Dr. Gundry, it’s going to me some time to afford a bottle, but I do intend on purchasing it very soon and trying it out. Hope this might be of some help to anyone reading.

Interview with the band Klank


In my infancy of musical knowledge I think of Industrial as a rather refreshing and breath of fresh air considering my large interest in death metal and thrash. Of course NIN is the undeniable favorite of mine, but there was an interesting time in my life when I heard about Circle of Dust, AP2, Mortal and now somebody who I always found a connection and camaraderie with is Klank, or the man himself Daren Diolosa, and of course all the talented individuals involved with this lovely music.

Klank to me was always an open honest and abrasive voice that didn’t disguise the Christian walk with the pretty pictures you see on television and movies, but instead it detailed the life and battle of all human beings, and their reliance on God and Christ to find peace and prosperity.

Q: First of all, I want to thank you for braving this musical landscape and having the courage to express yourself as best as you see fit. Yes I do enjoy your music, I will admit, “Still Suffering” is my favorite, but I am beginning to warm up to your newer work, I am a hardened death metal after all, that being said what is your musical interests lately?
Klank – My personal musical tastes are pretty wide. I always say I like everything from ABBA to Zappa. I’m a huge Electric Light Orchestra fan. Also love Kansas, The Cars, King’s X to name a few. I’m really into older music. 
Pat Servedio, my partner in Klank, has a lot of similar musical interests. We both love Depeche Mode, Stabbing Westward, Life Of Agony. 
Q: Are you still actively embracing Christianity?
Klank- Yes I am. I actually work for my church as well and am very involved in our homeless feeding ministry we have going on. I handle food donations from a local grocery store to disperse to our community multiple days a week. 
Q: Do you find a brotherhood in music? or does it seem like a competition to sell records and get recognized? 
Klank – It’s actually a bit of both. There’s definitely a lot of brotherhood in music, amongst friends, fellow musicians, and those you may consider peers. 
There’s also the flip side of the coin where you have to constantly prove yourself, your bands worth, and earn your spot in a scene so to speak. 

Q: Did you ever know or speak to Howard Stern?
Klank – Yes. I was actually a huge Howard Stern fan growing up on Long Island in New York. Some friends and I went to one of his book signings and ended up showing up like 15 hours early and standing on this long line overnight just so we can have a moment to say hi and for me to give him a pre-release copy I’m still suffering before it was even out. He was super nice and very supportive actually.
Q: Its incredibly difficult to love and express love to hurting individuals, especially in this day and age. I personally think Christ, reinforces and reacts that sentiment. Do you agree?
Klank- I would say yes and no only because it can be easy to show love to some, but others might not see it at love or misunderstand where you’re coming from. Usually, anyone who is hurting is pretty guarded and puts up walls because they don’t wanna be hurt anymore which is totally understandable. It can be really easy to show people love, but really hard for some people to accept that love if that makes sense.
Q: Where you ever into CS Lewis or Fredrich Nietzsche? 
Klank – Nah, I’m not big on reading.
Q: Do you like video games? 
Klank – Not really. I mean, I can appreciate them, but I grew up in an insane born-again Christian household, where we were told video games are of the devil, and that they would rot your brains lol. The whole garbage in, garbage out routine essentially is what my parents pushed on us.
Q: Never saw you at Cornerstone, did you ever play that festival?
Klank – Yes. I played a few years with Circle Of Dust way back in the day, and also with KLANK. So many great memories there. We always look forward to playing that because it was like a big family get together, so to speak of all the people you didn’t see during the year.
Encouraging words of advice, and anything you want to promote or say please feel more than free to share. Please provide any pictures, links, media you want me to include. This concludes the interview, something I failed to mention to him in the interview that for as long as I can remember I used his band name as part of my passwords for web sites growing up. As I said before “still suffering” was a big influence and favorite of mine. My taste in music shifts and moves rapidly, and the combination of industrial and metal is a special interest of mine. I hope anyone who got something from this would take the opportunity to check them out and help support them individually and for their art and craft in music.
First off, I wanna say thank you for the opportunity to chat today. We really appreciate it.
We are gearing up for our 12th release coming on June 16, 2023 called “Between Unholy And Divine Vol.2”. Pre-orders for that album begin on May 19 and we’re really stoked to get this new music out there. 
Please follow us on Facebook
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At YouTube
unholy and divine vol. 2

KLANK unholy and divine vol. 2

religion is greed, the bullet points at the DOT

I don’t think its rocket science, or even new age technology like floating busses and dragons breathing Barbie dolls with sparkly glittery things, we are well  beyond limits and boundaries of what death metal can and CANT. But my limitations to digest a lot of this shit is getting me well beyond my grasp.

Help your fellow human friend, do your due diligence. And and allow yourself to have the gravity of the situation, because this shit is getting well beyond the lines of blood and powder. Yes! all that shit you you engorge into your gullet is bad and unhealthy and you need to know that you can be squashed like a bug. Because for three to four years my brain has been in submission by some kind of imposter and it does work in me a lot of shit, and I want this fucking thing out of my goddamaned brain, SO HELP ME!

MU Legend – Closes doors

You can search around this site for all kinds of MU Legend related content, so its no disguise I loved the game. I really hope they get things figured out and do move in a better direction.
MU Legend an MMO I invested a lot of time/money with has now officially closed its door for an undetermined amount of time. If they want some publicity, here it is. Because to my knowledge nobody gives a damn about the game. I loved and played that game when it was on Webzen, but they then sold it over to Valofe.
During this transition, I never was able to recover my original account from them. Just shady and deceptive business practices in my opinion.
Not to discredit the game itself however, because it was actually very fun and I met a lot of great people through playing it. I miss lupa’s lab, the gear progression, its mechanics were decent and it had a great way of sharing and showing its DPS to players.
Theses developers need to see and find their key player base and value them like they value their own company, because without the support and player base a game will crumble.

pedophile priests and twitter

Do not let this toilet bowel drama drain you. Kindly adjust your eyes to your savior and ask with the most strength in your heart do you detest this deplorable scum?

Taking your spiritual life a little too seriously? here is a Twitter response to folks trying to recognize and accept religion. They then pervert it and drag it through the mud. There is sick shit hiding everywhere people, it’s not like this is anything new? priests and sodomy has been happening since the inception of the catholic religion, am I right? I don’t know, honestly. But this type of shit really turns my stomach inside out.

The fact you later see him with a smile on his face, truly tells a disturbing tale of what is actually going on behind the doors of our social and justice system. Do not dismiss or ignore the signals, if shit seems salty it probably is.

Do not let the media or news outlets narrate your thoughts, do your own thinking and think for yourself. I for one know we serve a righteous judge and He will right all wrongs.


some thoughts and reflection

After watching this video from Jordan Peterson he mentioned something interesting and said $5,000 income a year is sustainable for a productive life. A lot of impoverished, homeless etc. are trying to eat, find shelter have access to normal hygiene is too concerned about that to even consider normal functioning living. I’ve been homeless several times in my life and can attest to this. But I can see a progressive lapse in desperate times in America. So resources and community is something that may not be available as it was when I was homeless. Being vigilant and accepting responsible is essential and mandatory.

I don’t know anything about Konstantin Kisin. But do you think the deceiver and liar of this world would allow a skeptic to easily navigate a religion that requires faith and a relationship vs intellectual reasoning? This guy wants his cake and he wants to eat it too (all for himself no doubt), CS Lewis; said in Mere Christianity, “all the thrills of religion without any of the work”.

This brings up woke culture and LGBTQ discussion, which I find most entertaining. Because one thing that disagrees me with me and my conscious is this hate that I am starting to feel for homosexuality and it disagrees with me only because I am indeed feeling hate. And I know that the foundation of a faith in Christ is rooted in love and forgiveness. I’ve always had the stance as long as your sexual interests don’t affect me than I have no real reason to not accept you as a friend. But I know that on a conceptual and even intellectual level, the bible does inherently illustrates it immoral and as sinful. My heart aches for those who are raped and been assaulted and perpetrated by sexual degenerates. This is a topic and discussion that needs more coverage. Especially considering the jail/prison system houses some of the worst. And how do you reckon a survivor of gay rape cases who then becomes and accept this lifestyle. Or if indeed individuals are born homosexual. I’ve come to like and admire Voddie Beaucham for his views, but I am still uneasy about this.

I always like and enjoy skeptics, atheists and the like having productive discussions with believers of all faiths, because it examines and openly distributes the views. But as anyone knows and has to come to accept Christianity is that it is indeed a relationship and its foundation is in faith and trust in God.

Call it schizophrenia, call it the devil these voices really start getting louder in my head.


Live Not by Lies

I did make some changes to the site as a whole, I hope you like it. I am still not completely satisfied with the style and look, anyway take a look around and expect more content coming. And as always follow my socials and catch me live streaming. And please by all means join my discord https://discord.gg/PKVsd72R

Support does motivate me

Ulterior motives and nefarious schemes to undermine or mask your true intentions is downright disgusting! please just will due respect and diligence give and provide because you want to see progress not because you you think your fueling an addiction. Life is not a parallel line, it is a chaotic and disordered mess that runs and roams as it pleases. The objective is to sort that out, and get it back to its parallel state.

https://ko-fi.com/trevormarkiw I think I will just leave this here and only look for donations through that. If you ever feel compelled to give or support me in any way I genuinely appreciate and am happy to receive the gift. And if you especially have a motivator in mind for the monetary donation let me know and I will do my best to fulfill that for you. But I really think I can put money into things that will help and build a better world.

Приховані мотиви та мерзенні схеми підірвати чи замаскувати ваші справжні наміри – це просто огидно! будь ласка, виявляйте належну повагу та старанність, тому що ви хочете бачити прогрес, а не тому, що вважаєте, що розпалюєте залежність. Життя – це не паралельна лінія, це хаотичний і невпорядкований безлад, який біжить і блукає, як йому заманеться. Мета полягає в тому, щоб відсортувати це та повернути його до паралельного стану.

Я думаю, що я просто залишу це тут і шукатиму лише через це пожертви. Якщо ви коли-небудь відчуєте потребу зробити або підтримати мене будь-яким способом, я щиро ціную та радий отримати подарунок. І якщо ви маєте на увазі певну мотивацію для грошової пожертви, дайте мені знати, і я зроблю все можливе, щоб виконати це для вас. Але я справді думаю, що можу вкладати гроші в речі, які допоможуть і побудують кращий світ.


Neither enemy prisons nor exile will destroy the Ukrainian people’s will to independent life, because Ukraine is an impregnable bastion of heroes and fighters.
Join the ranks of the National Guard of Ukraine!
Protect yours voluntarily and with honor!

Military from Bakhmut to the ‘hero’

Military from Bakhmut to the ‘hero’ from Bukovel: ‘Wait for us, we will come to you and meet you as ‘necessary’…

In one of the hotels in Bukovel, a vacationer insulted a combat medic who was undergoing rehabilitation there. The businessman’s wife also started insulting the soldiers of the Armed Forces on the Internet.

Recently, a vacationer in Bukovel scolded combat medic Oleksandr Odarchenko, who was there for rehabilitation. The conflict occurred when a soldier of the Armed Forces made a remark to a Ukrainian who speaks Russian. The video went viral. In the footage, a man in a white coat and with a beer in his hand calls the soldier a ‘loshara’ and says: ‘Go to your Bakhmut, why are you sitting here?’. politeka.net

The Ukrainian fighters of the regiment turned to the vulgar in the story of the Ukrainian journalist and public figure Yanina Sokolova.

The man who called the combat medic was Oleksandr Fatula, a businessman from Cherkasy. He was convicted twice, but got out of the water dry and did not receive any punishment. And in 2014, the businessman created an organized group that specialized in the illegal production of alcohol. He was even convicted for it, but paid a fine. In 2019, for the same reason, he was convicted again and not punished.

The grenade launcher of the ‘Azov’ regiment, Dmytro Kuharchuk, with the call sign Slip, reacted to the scandal and made a sharp statement while currently in Bakhmut. He emphasized that fighters cannot afford to ignore statements like Fatula’s. Therefore, I put him in his place, inviting him to Bakhmut.

‘The apology he gave was not an apology at all. Do you want to apologize, do you want to show that you are a real man? Come on, come here to Bakhmut. We will give you an armored car, an RPG and you will go to defend the landings. And if you don’t want to, then let’s meet on neutral territory. We will come to you and meet you. You will tell us your position and explain why you allow yourself to make such statements,’ said the grenade launcher of the ‘Azov’ regiment Dmytro Kukharchuk.

He added that Fatula’s wife also showed herself not in the best light. After all, after the scandal, she began to publish statements in her stories, where she called all fighters mentally ill people with post-traumatic stress disorder. And Fatula herself will be responsible for her words and actions.

SOURCE AND DETAILS AT https://ukrfakt.com/iesli-vam-riezhiet-slukh-to-mozhietie-nie-prisutstvuvat-movnyi-ckandal-v-depzhavnomu-podatkovomu-univepcyteti-na-kyivshchyni/

this is not satirical

I do have a good sense of humor, and I love a joke that has a nice punch. But this site and these words that I type with my fingers are real and not artificial or interjected by some kind of media brainwashing. I am a real living human being. And its been my life since the beginning of time to be doing work on the computer. I think the discovery of new technology is great because it benefits those who are disadvantaged and physically ill equipped to take care of themselves. Exploiting and encouraging cheating is not something that I think should be encouraged or endorsed in any field or activity.

У мене гарне почуття гумору, і я люблю жарт, який має гарний удар. Але цей сайт і ці слова, які я набираю пальцями, є справжніми, а не штучними чи вставленими через якесь медіа-промивання мізків. Я справжня жива людина. І це моє життя з початку часів, щоб робити роботу на комп’ютері. Я вважаю, що відкриття нових технологій є чудовим, оскільки воно приносить користь тим, хто перебуває в невигідному становищі та фізично погано оснащений для догляду за собою. Експлуатація та заохочення шахрайства – це не те, що, на мою думку, слід заохочувати чи схвалювати в будь-якій сфері чи діяльності.

Έχω καλή αίσθηση του χιούμορ και μου αρέσει ένα αστείο που έχει ωραία γροθιά. Αλλά αυτός ο ιστότοπος και αυτές οι λέξεις που πληκτρολογώ με τα δάχτυλά μου είναι αληθινές και δεν είναι τεχνητές ή παρεμβάλλονται από κάποιου είδους πλύση εγκεφάλου μέσων. Είμαι ένας πραγματικός ζωντανός άνθρωπος. Και ήταν η ζωή μου από την αρχή να δουλεύω στον υπολογιστή. Νομίζω ότι η ανακάλυψη της νέας τεχνολογίας είναι σπουδαία γιατί ωφελεί όσους είναι μειονεκτούντες και σωματικά άρρωστοι εξοπλισμένοι να φροντίσουν τον εαυτό τους. Η εκμετάλλευση και η ενθάρρυνση της εξαπάτησης δεν είναι κάτι που πιστεύω ότι πρέπει να ενθαρρύνεται ή να επικυρώνεται σε οποιονδήποτε τομέα ή δραστηριότητα.


w1nd0ze < LINUX

I think I will be making the change and transition into using Linux and abandon windows. I am saying this only because, my internet/computer is being compromised by other sources other than myself. There is somebody or some thing that does in fact interject their feelings and opinion over my own. And that kind of sabotage is not likened or accepted. So yes, I will be making new arrangements and changes. This site might even disappear, but you know where to find me.


Я думаю, що я зроблю зміни та перейду на використання Linux і відмовлюся від Windows. Я говорю це лише тому, що мій Інтернет/комп’ютер скомпрометовано іншими джерелами, крім мене самого. Є хтось або щось, що фактично перекреслює їхні почуття та думку над моїми. І такий вид диверсії не порівнюється і не приймається. Тож так, я буду робити нові домовленості та змінювати. Цей сайт може навіть зникнути, але ви знаєте, де мене знайти.

Νομίζω ότι θα κάνω την αλλαγή και τη μετάβαση στη χρήση του Linux και θα εγκαταλείψω τα παράθυρα. Το λέω αυτό μόνο και μόνο επειδή το διαδίκτυο/ο υπολογιστής μου παραβιάζεται από άλλες πηγές εκτός από εμένα. Υπάρχει κάποιος ή κάτι που στην πραγματικότητα παρεμβάλλει τα συναισθήματα και τη γνώμη του πάνω στη δική μου. Και αυτό το είδος δολιοφθοράς δεν παρομοιάζεται ούτε γίνεται αποδεκτό. Οπότε ναι, θα κάνω νέες ρυθμίσεις και αλλαγές. Αυτός ο ιστότοπος μπορεί ακόμη και να εξαφανιστεί, αλλά ξέρετε πού να με βρείτε.

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