Embrace of Thorns Interview -Entropy Dynamics

Without much delay, they have delivered to me the answers to some of my most pressing questions. This release of Entropy is a signal of the atmosphere for sure. I think this is a powerful discussion and I hope you will enjoy. And yes, I will introduce a new page specifically for interviews.

embrace of thorns

First of all, how the hell are you, anyway? considering the social and political climate in the European disaster that is happening, it goes without saying.

A, Thanks for having us again. We have just come back home from a show in central Greece, we did a local festival there. This is the second show we played since the whole pandemic thing ensued. Regarding climate, I don’t really feel like discussing inflation, fuel shortage, energy crisis etc. . It seems like an endless downward spiral, let alone history tends to repeat itself. Regarding the band during the COVID crisis, we suffered the cancellation of a festival appearance and we saw a tour going down the drain, eventually also getting canceled. We try to stay afloat. Entropy Dynamics, which is the upcoming album, was recorded a year ago. In the meantime, we released an Ep. Needless to say, that I don’t have any grandiose expectations when it comes to the near future as there is still turbulence around. One thing that I find pleasing is that we managed to write and record a damn great album, filled with darkness and contempt, totally representative of the Kali Yuga age we are undergoing.

Q, I was actually browsing over your recent Facebook post and I saw your aggression and concern about the genre of black metal, I think you spoke it rather well, and no need to divulge. But it’s with a passing concern that we allow Hollywood to narrate our music? or it be the other way around? 

A, I don’t really lose any sleep over the future of Black metal and metal in general. We are in the middle of a weeding out process (to quote BLACK FLAG). You see when it comes to black metal there is a certain sensationalist approach plus it is a very popular subject matter for the press to write about, as well we are witnessing a generational shift when it comes to who is involved with the black metal scene. I said, in a stream of consciousness style, but rather calmly, what I think about the whole issue. I was asked in an interview, and I answered back. Black metal is a big part of my past, present and probably my future, so I think my 2 cents are somehow relevant. Suffice to say, that this is no longer a scene consisting of renegades and outcasts. Back when I was a teen, I had to make a stand when it came to my choice of black metal t-shirts, now it’s been an integral part of the pop culture. People are making feature films and documentaries about black metal. But this is the reality of the situation.

Q, I’m still thinking about Antigone and that goddamn scene of suicide and sacrifices of humans, its unthinkable this Greek mythology. How much does this affect your music?

A, what is most interesting in my eyes is sacrilege, blasphemy and divine punishment involved and inherent in ancient Greek tragedies, as well as other forms of social commentary. Human sacrifices among other measures were utilized to appease the angry gods. Burnt offerings, such as animals were mostly used and sacrificing humans was considered the last resort. That was common in many pre-Christian civilizations.
Antigone poses critique to the social structure of many ancient Greek states and uses some very interesting symbolism. When primary identity is reduced to “us” and “them,” the definition of justice narrows. It becomes simply what helps “us” and harms “them”. When a leader urges citizens to identify his enemies as enemies of the state, what those citizens may end up having most in common with each other is anger, fear and mutual contempt. Thucydides’, one of the most significant ancient Greek Historians, observed that when a community is at war with itself, “moderates suffered most, because they were subject to attack by both factions.”
Sophocles offers another lesson in Antigone. Namely, that a single person in power, if he persuades or frightens enough people, can cause the suffering of innocents and the loss of institutions and customs on which civil order rely.
Of course, this masterpiece could have taught the future generations a lesson or two. Alas, it wasn’t bound to happen.
Art in general, be it music, literature, cinema or theater profoundly affects our music.

Q, I have had 2 psychotic breaks and dislocated my right shoulder, I need a replacement shoulder, it’s been on my mind to get the surgery, what do you think?
Yeah, shoulder is a flawed joint anyways,please do get a replacement shoulder…

A, as for the psychotic breaks of yours, I don’t know your background and I don’t want to patronize you, but it seems that more and more people are in a bad place and are struggling with depression, borderline personality disorder, self-harm tendencies etc. This should be of primary interest. I am very aware of the reality of mental disorders and very supportive of people who struggle. I’ve had people close to me who suffered in silence. When I was young, I was clueless, I was raised to buckle up and suck it, bite the shit sandwich and smile type of approach. This is of course wrong, and I figured this out on my own, when shit hit the fan in more than one occasions.

Q, it’s exciting your releasing new music, how about Dead Congregation? any idea if they might be brewing something up? {maybe I should ask them myself?}
A, Yeah, they have written the new album but haven’t found time to record yet. Hopefully soon…

Q, what are your thoughts on Ketamine and mushrooms? do you think the world will ever get there shit straight and consider the fact that this does indeed help people?

A, there’s been a discussion since the Sixties on hallucinogens and other mind-expanding drugs or drugs that serve medical purposes. It is without doubt that people get helped by certain drugs. However, the whole drug culture is definitely not my thing.

Q, You guys like video games?
A, some of the past and present members like them. I was never a fan. I am mostly infatuated with music, cinema and literature.
Thats the best of it, I look forward to your response.
I would like to thank you again for hosting us again. New album is going to hit you hard.
Die by Power!

MU Legend > Blader > Skills….


skills blader

Earth Cleaver: Enables you to slam your weapon to the ground in front, attacking enemies in a straight line at 1,163% of attack, and pushing them away from the cracks in the ground. CD: 10.0s, MP COST: 109, Required Level: 61 INSTANT.

Leap Attack: Enables you to leap to the target location and hammer the ground, inflicts damage on all enemies in range at 365% of attack and decreases their movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.  CD: 5s, MP cost: 95

Cyclone Slash: Enables you to quickly spin and create a cyclone, inflicting AoE damage at 215% of attack ever 3s. Increases your movement speed by 10% while casting.

Gravity Deflection: Enables you to muster your strength, hammer the ground in front of you, and launch enemies within a certain distance into the air, aone by one. All targets receive damage at 1,295% of attack and get launched in the air. The shock from falling inflicts damage at 798% of attack. CD: 25s, MP: 93

Sonorous Roar: Lets out a Sonorous roar to increase the agro of nearby enemies by 50% for 10s restores 1% of the casters max hp every second and increases attack and movement speed of the caster and surrounding allies by %5 CD:15, MP: 34

Redemption: Enables you to move with the fluid precision, granting invincibility for 2s attacks surrounding enemies to inflict damage at 895% of attack and increases their agro by 50% in 2s. CD: 20, MP: 76

Charge: Charges at the target to inflict damage at 315% of attack and cause stun for 2s. CD:8, MP: 53

Wallop: Enables you to charge forward and deliver a decisive blow at the cost of 30% of max HP. Inflict true damage at 70% of hp consumed.

Last-ditch effort: Creates a shield that increases attack by %5 and absorbs incoming damage for up to 20% of max hp for 10s. CD: 30, MP: 95

Lightspeed Slash: Quickly Swings the blade, inflicting damage at 1,690% of attack on the enemies in front. Inflicts damage 3 times. Weapon skill attacks inflict 50% Additional damage and a increase attack speed by 20% for 10s. CD: 25, MP: 89

Shatter: Enables you to take a wide swing with your weapon tower the ground and send forth a shockwave. The shockwave attacks all surrounding targets at 202% of attack and causes bleeding draining 1% CD:2s

Rampage: Forcefully strikes enemies in front. Attacks 5 times. Each attack inflicts damage at 292% of attack and stuns the target for 5s. CD: 15, MP: 72

Iron Armor: Instantly summons iron armor to protect the body for 3s, protects against 80% damage. Restores as much HP as 40% of the reduced damage. CD: 30s, MP: 48


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Nothing too major but I did manage to update a couple of the pages alongside adding a news/update section. Next up is to go through all posts, delete any duplicates and categorize everything. Please make sure to check out the Shin Force Interview, and my review of the new Embrace of Thorns album.

Anxiously waiting for interview responses, so I can post an interview for Embrace of Thorns and one from Austin for Gameplay and Talk.

Embrace of Thorns Entropy Dynamics

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What a bloody miserable well has this earth dug up but a concoction of some kind of mythology or thermodynamics, hell we are heading into entropy! And what can’t be said that has already been claimed from the beginning. These goddamned mongrels from hell or is it Greece? have mucked up one unearthly pleasantry with this aural assault.  The thing about Embrace of Thorns is that they have melded together both the glue of black metal and have chaotically expressed the sounds of death metal. One thing they don’t spare is the atmosphere that is in Greece, that mythological place, a beacon for the gods and goddesses. I was reminded of Antigone when she killed herself in the tragedy. It involves my thoughts into this expression that torments my mind. A hard listen but nothing short of amazing, a masterpiece in its wake. I wasn’t woken up to the grip of its sound since hearing their last release. So, this is refreshing and something new. Very chaotic, very melodic and definitely reconciles the sounds of their native tongue. A beautiful masterpiece I am grateful to have had the pleasure to listen to. One thing distinctly different from their last ensemble.

I’ve entrusted a lot of attention into the inherent and benign but failed to examine the details of the music itself, and with that I’ve been encouraged by a more bombastic sound approach. Nothing left uncharged, this is full force ahead war metal. Unhinged and relying on the melodies that rather impressed me so much with their earlier effort, “Scorn Aesthetics”. It does present samples that I do think really deliver the sound and message very well, I wish they would have implemented it more, it really does help with the sound and atmosphere. That being said, I think this raw and belial way is more forthright and disastrous. The clean singing or chanting alongside the arrangements makes for a nice sound. And the drums are just amazing, very thick and pounding. It bellows throughout the house.

I feel like I haven’t done it justice to say that this release has harnessed the black and death metal capita, but it has definitely broadened its path in that territory. With this release you will get chaotic and ambient melodies all interwoven in a destructive package.



Stigma at last

Windchimes like a cracking asphalt division my mind is under a considerable amount of stress. I can’t let up or stop. But I’m having fun and I hope this will continue on. Keep your eyes peeled, for some new Interviews coming. And much more, I am just starting to get the gears moving. Hope to venture further into this project. Lots of good things to come.



unity and peace for all people

It’s been a rough couple of days for me, I am sorry that I have not spent more time on the web site to let you all know how I am doing. This is not something I planned or desired to get so much ATTENTION. But holy shit here I am, and so is EVERYONE. So please with all respect courtesy and guidance celebrate your life and your heritage. You deserve a good life, no matter race color or skin. We are all one person, and that person is….

Now I am running out time and patience, but I won’t stop. I will continue and help and reflect. Just please be patient with me. God bless.

Це була важка пара днів для мене, мені шкода, що я не провів більше часу на веб-сайті, щоб повідомити вам усім, як у мене справи. Це не те, що я планував або хотів привернути стільки УВАГИ. Але тут я тут, і КОЖЕН також. Тож, будь ласка, з усією шанобливістю та ввічливістю шануйте своє життя та свою спадщину. Ви заслуговуєте на хороше життя, незалежно від раси чи шкіри. Ми всі одна людина, і ця людина… Зараз у мене закінчується час і терпіння, але я не зупинюся. Я буду продовжувати, допомагатиму й міркуватиму. Будь ласка, будьте терплячі зі мною. Бог благословить.

I do want to speak Ukrainian without the help of technology. But it’s going to take a lot of work and effort. Thank you for patience.