Extol exemplary Christian blackened death metal into the progressive sound!

When you consider the fact that music can be titled and categorized as a religion, you begin to wonder how many different sub-genres and categories actually exist. One thing is certain about “Christian” music, is that a lot of it is nothing more than carbon copies of <insert genre here> with Christian lyrical themes. So, considering this reality, when I speak about the band Extol, it’s incredible that this band both stands out in musical integrity but also in lyrical content.

Extol is a Norwegian band of the Oslo region, or at least this is my understanding. I suppose it’s of no surprise when you consider the reputation of musicians from the geographical map. So, what exactly separates them from other death and black metal? well, I suppose it’s in their choice in both technicality and harmony and melodic elements.

If you begin with their songs on Northern Lights, you will be introduced with both low and deep gutturals with accompanying black metal screams and shrieks. It churns and pummels and is nothing short of the blueprints of what you will eventually hear on their full lengths, particularly Undeceived and Burial.

The evolution of the band is bittersweet in my opinion. They created a definitive sound that is nothing short of flawless with Undeceived. But these mad lads are not content with sticking to one sound. Because when you get into hearing Synergy, the Blueprint Dives and their Self-Titled, you begin to realize they are really more concerned with discovering many different musical territories.

It’s with much excitement and anticipation that in 2023 – 2024 they are indeed looking to create new and modern music with their aptly titled Labyrinth of Ill / Exigency EP.

It’s of my own personal opinion that they should have ended their Extol career with Undeceived and decided to title a new project with their newest offerings. Because it is in my heart of hearts that Extol is indeed a Death and Black Metal project. Whatever the case you cannot go wrong with Extol regardless of what you might think about Jesus and the Bible. And yes, it’s a fact, if these guys chose to worship an exalt Satan and all his token loves of suicide and death.

And yes, if you listen to bands like the Faceless, they borrow heavily their sound from Extol, without mention from the band themselves, it’s no question their effect on both secular and Christian circles of music. It’s also very admirable their efforts to help aid and support Africa through New Life Missions Aid.

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SUBCONSCIOUS TERROR – Chaotic Diffusion Review

Artist: Subconcious Terror
Record: Chaotic Diffusion
Label: Eclipse Records

Year: 2023
wIngWOW!: Subconscious Terror – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives (metal-archives.com)

Pardon my ignorance but these mad mother fuckers have been pounding the drum and slaying the axe as far back as 1994! and I am now just getting acquainted with this assembly. Brothers of metal better pay respect; the land of the rising sun is coming through with a new assemblage I want to talk about.

While thinking about Japan you would hardly think of death metal as their staple in identity and music. But let me tell you something, the Japanese have some of the most proficient and well executed death metal with bands like Intestine Baalism, Coffins, Vomit Remnants and I could keep going after that. They do indeed have a steady craft of the knife when it comes to this music. One of the bands I am speaking about today is Subconscious Terror. They play a technical death metal, with the keys and harmonies at all levels and variety in numbers. The theme and details are something of science fiction and witchcraft, maybe even a little voodoo. I don’t know what kind of toxic waste seeped out of the bowels, but it’s getting messy. Maybe if they could add a little more harmony and variety in the rhythm, and yes of course that necessity for mood and atmosphere. I see this as a promising band and one I am taking notice. I was too cheap to actually buy the cd, so I streamed it on YouTube. But I do really hope to score some coin and send it in their direction, because these guys deserve the contribution. I definitely am getting some vibes of Sinister in sound here, and that is an exemplary detail.

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a new chapter

For the better of the last 3 to 4 years, I have remained at the same location. It was an incredible journey at this address, and I am really impressed with the fact that I’ve lived and worked it out there for so long. Especially considering the events that have transpired. I have gone through a lot, mentally and physically. Yes, I was baited into a false relationship with what I thought was a real woman who wanted to be with me, and suffering twice a shoulder dislocation, and elbow dislocation. All from psychotic episodes.

What is most interesting and ironic to me is the fact that my landlord is of Russian descent. And no, I don’t mean they were born in America with Russian, nationality, I mean they were born and raised in Russia, and are now living in America. All the while the conflict between Russia and Ukraine happening and escalating throughout this relationship.

With all of this being said, you would think that I am happy to be leaving, but no that is not the case at all. See I am terribly distraught and anxious about the whole situation. I have grown to both like and enjoy this current environment. So, it is with great sadness and remorse that I have to leave here. Yes, the occupants of this address are happier without me. I really do hope moving forward that I can learn from my mistakes and happenings and do better in the future.

With 2023 coming to a close, and 2024 approaching. I want to mark this as a new chapter for Devout Craziness. I really hope that this new year I am able to bring to you a great deal of new and exciting content. I also hope to take more seriously my streaming and sharing myself to you live. I also want to get into more interviews and documentation from other people, who I find interesting and encouraging to share in discussion. Thank you most of all, to you the reader, for participating and enjoying this content. Hell to the yea, bitches and happy 2024! щасливого ハッピー

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year-end grand finale

As the year ends, I am thrilled to see Godzilla getting a modern film adaptation, and additionally Sega announcing that it will be releasing old titles with a modern take. 2024 is looking to be an exciting year!

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Wachenroder translated tactical RPG

This game is amazing, I love it in its depth and design. And its strategically almost to the very point specifically and I mean down to the very drop precise accuracy. See you need to know, that your brain, and eyes, and fingers, are going to go crazy trying to speed through this tactical exploit. So, butter yourself up buttercup because this dream of a game is coming to you hard and fast and it’s a freight train of design mechanics and all kinds of beautiful shit you can’t mistake. It even borrows over into German themes, being the name in and of itself. Maybe I didn’t get that right with the whole German thing, but whatever the case this game is beautiful and downright perfect in presentation and performance, when in comparison to other more well-known strategy and role-playing games. This one is in the same oyster of the realities of hope downtrodden depression and pain and ignorance. Yes, this story is very well written and to the fact that it is putting you in the place of a man who is desperately trying to survive all the while living in this chaotic future world and environment. It takes breathtaking detail to see and believe that.

I am very interested in this game, and I do plan to feature and showcase it on my page for better explanation and format. Because there are some hard-working folks behind the scenes that are translating these beautiful gems for to enjoy.

first time Wachenroder Sega Saturn – Twitch

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Suffocation Hymns from the apocrypha -review

Artist: Suffocation
Record: Hymns from the apocrypha
Label: Nuclear Blast USA – No. 1 Heavy Metal Online Stores
Year: 2023
wIngWOW!: Suffocation – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives (metal-archives.com)

I’ve been a longtime fan of suffocation, so long in fact, it extends back to the days of buying a CD and getting a wide selection of other CD’s sent to you in the same genre. To me Frank and his gang of hooligans made the baddest and toughest death metal imaginable! it really is too bad to see Frank leave his duties as vocalist, and now extending the invitation to new frontman and vocalist Eric Morotti. This is the determining and distinction and factor in recognizing the difference in sound from the earliest of Suffocation’s work.

So, what do I think of it? well let me tell you quick, its bringing down the pain and consequences of hurt and pain, this bloody motherfucker ear and eye gouges you into the core! I love it. Sure, predictable and expected in performance, but this freight train keeps things moving fast and steadily. I really do enjoy and love Suffocation’s sound. For me it was Pierced from Within and then the Despise the Sun EP, that really grabbed and choke holded me into their music and its brutality.

Frankly, yes Frank! lol omg wtf?! wow this is getting to be too much Frankfurth in my bratwurst hot dog! my tummy is full. Yes, fans are going to debate and battle between who is better and it’s really no need, because they both can and deserve their recognition. That that being said, I hope the new guy has a good pair of underwear because he is going to need to be comfortable with his role and position in the band.

So, there you have it, get your ears ready for this blast of brutality because its coming! and fast and swinging hard, to the face.

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Ukraine killing Russia? or you rushed to the grocery store too quickly and stubbed your toe on delinquency?

Recognizing Ukraine and Russia are battling for something that is a mystery to me, and now Israel and Hamas are confronting each other, and the barbarity of war is no stranger than thinking that maybe possibly we are becoming the next critical target? if not, already we are sabotaged by the moral degeneracy of the homosexual and transexual situation. The infliction of identity theft and corrupting other genders with your own self-interest and pleasure in mind. This is exactly the reason why for the better of half my life I have been rebelling against the Bible instead of actually embracing its text and searching inside its contents to analyze and confront it.

I am reflecting on the moments of my past when I took handfuls of pills determined to end my own life, only to be resuscitated from out of coma’s. I am not the pathetic waste I thought I was because this carcass will not let it give up. See when I searched for death, it was not having any of that shit. I can finally view life from a clearer perspective, without all that witchcraft voodoo human worship.

It’s all selfish pleasure and hedonism, its nothing more than an assignment to set humanity off its course. In the beginning God made man and woman and he crafted them perfectly, and they are abstract from each other but all the while in need of one and another. But when you take your scalpel and medicine something that was already fortified in absolute completion. You are in yourself denying your true self.

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go zilla

How about that monster fuck! HE is a BIG PROBLEM!!! that massive motherfucker is running through cities and civilizations and fuck up your government and your bureaucracy. But that aint that the end, NOPE! this <expletive deleted> is going to swirl through your television and titillate the eyes.

I am really excited to this franchise getting some attention and focus.

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twitch shuts down in Korea and introduces us to Afreeica?

With the escalation of streaming and live content users will no longer be able to to use the twist platform to host their content, instead they are looking to AfreecaTV. Now here in America we have several different options in the variety of Twitch, Rumble and Kick for streaming and content. No, I didn’t forget about YouTube, they too will continue to have their working unit of videos and production. Lots to think about, but plenty of time to decide for yourself which you think is worth looking into.

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brand spankin’ new

You did not see it here first, or maybe you did, but that is not the point. The new trailer has launched and youtube is the host of the video footage. I’ll save my opinions to myself, about what I think of the game. I’m just happy to see that the series is evolving.

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The system will arrange message you want to see.

Communication is not being distributed properly, and it is being dictated by means that I cannot control. The way I communicate is being stifled and directly prohibited from expressing myself clearly.

If I am to have any ability or help in benefiting myself or this world, I need to be able to communicate properly.

A comunicação não está a ser distribuída de forma adequada e está a ser ditada por meios que não posso controlar. A forma como me comunico está sendo sufocada e diretamente proibida de me expressar claramente.

Se eu quiser ter alguma habilidade ou ajuda para beneficiar a mim mesmo ou a este mundo, preciso ser capaz de me comunicar adequadamente.

Комунікація не розподіляється належним чином, і вона диктується засобами, які я не можу контролювати. Те, як я спілкуюся, придушується і прямо забороняється чітко висловлюватися.

Якщо я хочу мати якусь здатність або допомогу в тому, щоб принести користь собі або цьому світу, я повинен вміти правильно спілкуватися.



Kommunikasie word nie behoorlik versprei nie, en dit word bepaal deur middele wat ek nie kan beheer nie. Die manier waarop ek kommunikeer, word verstik en direk verbied om myself duidelik uit te druk.

As ek enige vermoë of hulp wil hê om myself of hierdie wêreld te bevoordeel, moet ek behoorlik kan kommunikeer.

Komunikimi nuk po shpërndahet siç duhet dhe po diktohet me mjete që nuk mund t’i kontrolloj. Mënyra se si unë komunikoj po mbytet dhe më ndalohet drejtpërdrejt të shprehem qartë.

Nëse dua të kem ndonjë aftësi ose ndihmë për të përfituar veten ose këtë botë, duhet të jem në gjendje të komunikoj siç duhet.

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a better direction

I really want to take this web site in a positive foot forward. So, if you do see something that you like or want to help me, or maybe even be a guide for me to do better, I am eagerly and open to suggestion. Thanks for reading, that means the most to me.

[email protected] < – this is my personal email address. Please do not solicit or send me anything degrading, well cats out of the bag, its already out there. But yes, this is my main email and I will get your message respectively at that address.

https://discord.gg/zJyAsQpzk3 <- that is my discord community page, if you’re interested in me or the webpage, please feel free to join.

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Esham, Acid, Rap and Michigan music

I am not having a good day, and I didn’t even have the decency to make my own bed!

Comparatively speaking I am by no means a person of culture when it comes to rap. I was lampooned into it, like a highway freight train from my brothers. It was a utopian of shit that brought me to the distinction that is Acid Rap. And that is the matter of fact, that I will be talking about today. I think it was in elementary school when I first arranged the sentiments of ICP, Simken Heights and even the Dayton Family.

Here in Michigan, we have a wide range of underground and prolific rap music. It’s more of the satire and spooky variety. But if you come across locations of Detroit and flint its easily a terrifying scenario. But just like anywhere, we have the good and bad. And I hope, for the future we can determine and lead by example that this whole phantasy role playing gangster bullshit in music gets its end.

No, it’s not a gimmick always, but by determining factors this music broadens into some fantasy and mythological means. I mean at the end of the day its art, and that is the expression and motivator of the person and individual.

So anyways I got into this music at a young age, and I dedicated my life to it as a kind of gospel, and its reality it’s not. But don’t get me wrong it is a helpful ingredient to the realities of life and struggle in the world we live.

For me I really picked up onto Esham, because he was representing something so evil and mischievous and all the while being this black guy in the ghetto slums of Detroit. His ability to dissect and examine society and culture through rap was really a prophecy and story-telling that I am not at all familiar with.

When I first heard Maggot Brain Theory, and those samples eroded onto the music it was just poetry to my ears. He really had a talent for making the sick and twisted sides of life become a clearer picture for all of us.

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Займенники та літературні слова чи предмети не ідентифікують вашу стать

It’s a beer people, it’s not an object of praise or affiliation with any kind of demonic disorder, other than its ability to manipulate you and overly exacerbate your emotions.

I think it’s hilarious that for some reason people have this idea in their heads that you can just wave your hands and this magic fairy dust comes out of the sky and behold here is your brilliant discovery. No, it’s not that it at all, it’s more complicated and demanding than that. And for lack of a better word and yes, I do apologize for abusing the English language but fuck you, I am not going to agree that my gender is anything than a pair testicle and a penis. And no, I didn’t forget about women who have a bit of a more advanced operating system that revolves around the ovaries, labia, clitoris and technically a bunch of things that I am sure most of you are too aware of and have the ability to look into and research for yourself.

Do I hate gay people? NO, I don’t hate anyone, that is really too strong of a word for me to even embrace or truly express in words. See? I have an obligation now, and that is Christ. He is the only reason I am alive today and have any ability to do what I can for a comfortable life.

I’m sorry if this is too difficult for you, but you’re going to have to get to grips with it, because my worldview and tendencies rely on the balance of scripture and holy spirit that both available and alive and active and living in this very place, we call earth.

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League of Legends – the Boomer Chronicles Volume: 1

Did you know that chess is considered one of the most strategic and challenging game you can play, and its invention was dated back to numbers I’m lazy to research for myself, but if you really get down to the thick of it, battle arena and strategy games are very similar to chess. It’s completely in the idea and necessity to strategize. But I think for the better half of League of Legends it’s been spent on degrading the aspects of women and encouraging players to not only hate themselves, but to hate others.

Yes, it’s not hidden in the details, it’s out in plain sight. And no, I am not going to give you any ideas, because that in and of itself will begin the degradation process. See I’m a fan of video games first and foremost, but really, I enjoy the aspect of friendly competition. And League does try to give us that, but with one undefining detail, and that is in their ability to decide on a objective other than curtailing to the mind-numbingly dumb shit that is this snowflake assembly of the far left and gay/lesbian/trans identities.

Just remember satan is the instructor of hate and the main ringleader in organizing this bankrupt and deplorable behavior. I’m just merely a resident sleeper and unfortunate victim to its benign and twisted formalities.

Anybody remember or know about the cartoon south park? well, that is a show that better paints the details of life than even you or I could think about. Everything in our modern age is becoming overcome by automation and artificial intelligence, even me trying to write a constructive blog post is already in and of itself becoming the aforementioned.

But I can’t stop, and I won’t stop thinking for myself and being a leader in obeying and conforming standard. And that is love, but no not the love that is peddled out by the left-wing circus known as homosexuality, but the love that Jesus preached about. And that is the true and defined Αγάπη.

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physical violence against 쇠고기?

I’m not exactly sure why but when I think of oriental cooking the first image that comes to mind is rice. Does this make me racist? or does that question in of itself blame me of my own ignorance. No, because for the better of my childhood and adult life I never even considered the idea that being associated with a food group would even make you ignorant in the first place. See that’s society’s problem and it’s not me, but you, or we? or whoever is to blame for that kind of thinking.

In case of the 2023 TV mini-series, Beef tries to analyze and bring to surface a lot of the stereotypes and analytical assumptions of what both Asians and everyone suffers. It does camouflage itself in ideas and beliefs that are inherently good and by objective standards the absolute truth. But it muddies thing up in a little bit too over the top antics that both praise and worship the machine that is trying to destroy us, all collectively as a unified and joined unit of humanity.

If you’re looking for a review of the show, you’re going to have to watch it for yourself. But just beware by supporting netflix you’re catering into the mindless and destructive system that is both encouraging and allowing this kind of behavior to exist and flourish in the world you and I live in.

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Demoniciduth, Enemy of Satan

Artist: Demoniciduth

Record: Enemy of Satan

Label: Vision of God Records

Year: 2017

Metallum: YES

It’s now 2023 and I am just discovering Demoniciduth a band whom you could carefully swing into the death/black mold. They have an incredible talent for both harmony and melody while not swaying away from an abrasive and chaotic assault. Yes, all cylinders are on at full caliber here. Great production and clear sound, just an incredible slab of sound.

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failure to deliver message

Do people take communication over the internet seriously? it seems like it’s more of an arbitrary or benign activity that we just casually parade through. For whatever its worth, I do see and acknowledge the messages that are directed towards me personally. I hope to fully be able to respond and communicate better with others with the next coming year. (this is passively in response to all of the people who have forcefully banned and muted me from communities and discussion)

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League of Legends practical advice and strategies

I think a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on trying to best your opponent in League of Legends, but I think something more to consider is the respect of the role and class of each player. I mean this specifically in the interest of the jungle, and its relationship to each lane.

It wasn’t brought to my attention until I realized things like helping leash the red/blue buff, or the scuttle crab in the river. Each of these directives corresponds to a benefit of income, hp/mana and vision.

The goal and the object of the game is to destroy the nexus, the priority and direction of each lane should reflect upon achieving this. But most importantly is knowing your position and what you’re supposed to focus on.

I think for the better half the game it’s this mentality that it’s a one-man game and that your team is an obstacle and a distraction. While in most scenarios, especially low Elo this is true. It’s better to decide for yourself to push aside your emotional frustrations and invest into the benefit of the outcome of a game. This is difficult and nauseating to achieve, but I think it is an attainable vision. I say this all as a reminder for myself, and hopefully as an encouragement to you as a player.

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Automated chat and writing

I am kind of devolved considering my thoughts on the chat gpt, where it being a new integral and formulaic way of escaping the actual act and physical capacity to muster and surmise a set syllables or verbs and nouns and make up a sentence, by yourself. Now we have the convenience of inputting our own data into a blender and letting it regurgitate whatever we want to see. It sounds fun and useful, and yes it probably is. But I am more comfortable relying on the spontaneity of my mind and letting it explore and give me the information I want to provide.

It goes the same with art and graphics, now you can take a couple pictures and throw it in the blender and allow a spontaneous combustion of images come out as a result. Originality and identity are soon going to be missing. And yet here I am still arranging and organizing my thoughts in way that I think presentable for you to read.

Really are some big things brewing on the music front we got new Extol and Crimson Moonlight coming, and the Horrendous album was a complete masterpiece from head to toe. I am thrilled and excited to see where music is going, and I hope to be able to draw and ebb my way into that on this web site.

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