Hour of Penance, 2014 – “Regicide”

Artist: Hour of Penance
Album: Regicide
Label: Prosthetic Records
Year: 2014
Wiki: dat shit right hurr

A year or so back I wrote about Hour of Penance release, Sedition. A very memorable release, alongside Paradogma. That sound, the raw energy they can produce, has always been an ingredient to to keep me coming back to listen. To me the only thing that failed with Sedition is the fact that it ended entirely too soon.

Thus comes Regicide. The long overdue continuation where Sedition left you begging for more. I was surprisingly not as overly ecstatic about this release, as when I initially heard of its release date. I still am not entirely on board with this release, overall. It’s evil as fuck, they are on a crusade against organized religion, it seems to be the theme in all of their releases.

What I like about this album is that it maintained their traditional sound. What I don’t like is that it retained their original sound. It’s kind of a catch 22 for me. I was hoping for something new, and what I got was their same sound I have heard before. They could have done far worse, gone the path of a lot of heavier bands, that disregard integrity for music sales. I like this album, I really do… I feel like I might be convincing myself. Some of the tracks the drumming sounds really redundant, I don’t know if it’s the tone, but it just drags on like somebody banging on a pan, for entirely too long.

I like this release, but it just doesn’t have the same spark for me, that Sedition did. I also haven’t given it enough listens to really satiate the ability that it supplies.

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