Sentenced the Funeral Album 2005

The Funeral Album (Century Media, 2005)
Credits: Ville Laihiala – vocals.  Miika Tenkula – guitar.  Sami Lopakka – guitar.  Vesa Ranta – drums.  Sami Kukkohov – bass.

Sentenced goes out with a bang, or at least one last slab of ridiculously catchy, old-school heavy metal with amusing lyrics and sometimes disappointingly simplistic guitar playing.  But so what?  There may not be any Petrucci’s in Sentenced, but this is a band that remembers that heavy metal can be fun!  No screaming, no death metal elements remain, but Sentenced somehow found a way to be extremely catchy without playing power metal.  The catchiest, most sing-along songs are May Today Become the Day, Vengeance is Mine, and Drain Me.  I wouldn’t call this music depressing, but Sentenced love the negative lyrics and this is no different.  One of the songs, a short instrumental track, harkens back, for no apparent reason, to the North From Here days and seems out of place on this kind of album.  It may be a quick nod to the past for Sentenced’s swan song.  I love this album.  Basically, if you hated The Cold White Light, this won’t interest you either.  If you’ve enjoyed everything post Down, you’ll love this one too.

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