religion is greed, the bullet points at the DOT

I don’t think its rocket science, or even new age technology like floating busses and dragons breathing Barbie dolls with sparkly glittery things, we are well  beyond limits and boundaries of what death metal can and CANT. But my limitations to digest a lot of this shit is getting me well beyond my grasp.

Help your fellow human friend, do your due diligence. And and allow yourself to have the gravity of the situation, because this shit is getting well beyond the lines of blood and powder. Yes! all that shit you you engorge into your gullet is bad and unhealthy and you need to know that you can be squashed like a bug. Because for three to four years my brain has been in submission by some kind of imposter and it does work in me a lot of shit, and I want this fucking thing out of my goddamaned brain, SO HELP ME!

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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