Artist: Gosudar
Morbid Despotic Ritual
Label: Rotted Life
Year: 2021
Metallum: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Gosudar
Considering the political world issues at hand, it’s no stranger to danger the mother land Russia of all places behold and brought to us this gnarly piece of brain music. Yes, I did indeed indicate the brain, the organ in which all of our faculties and decisions and actions are made. And it is just happenchance. That your ear lobes would kindly accept this kind of ingredient in your mix. It’s a brutal death metal, but in a traditional sense and a no holds barred barrage of bang and symphony of noises, it all comes together perfectly. When you listen to and hear Scripture of the Vile Testimony you begin to understand and recognize what these guys are capable of doing on that chainsaw guitar thing. I cannot encourage you enough to go out and get this piece of paradise, it will thrill and maybe even drive you to eradicate and stop all points necessary for a peace between two divisive worlds fighting each other into brutality. Let this music be a recognizer of what you should and demand. In all things of life. — любовне життя

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