Esham, Acid, Rap and Michigan music

I am not having a good day, and I didn’t even have the decency to make my own bed!

Comparatively speaking I am by no means a person of culture when it comes to rap. I was lampooned into it, like a highway freight train from my brothers. It was a utopian of shit that brought me to the distinction that is Acid Rap. And that is the matter of fact, that I will be talking about today. I think it was in elementary school when I first arranged the sentiments of ICP, Simken Heights and even the Dayton Family.

Here in Michigan, we have a wide range of underground and prolific rap music. It’s more of the satire and spooky variety. But if you come across locations of Detroit and flint its easily a terrifying scenario. But just like anywhere, we have the good and bad. And I hope, for the future we can determine and lead by example that this whole phantasy role playing gangster bullshit in music gets its end.

No, it’s not a gimmick always, but by determining factors this music broadens into some fantasy and mythological means. I mean at the end of the day its art, and that is the expression and motivator of the person and individual.

So anyways I got into this music at a young age, and I dedicated my life to it as a kind of gospel, and its reality it’s not. But don’t get me wrong it is a helpful ingredient to the realities of life and struggle in the world we live.

For me I really picked up onto Esham, because he was representing something so evil and mischievous and all the while being this black guy in the ghetto slums of Detroit. His ability to dissect and examine society and culture through rap was really a prophecy and story-telling that I am not at all familiar with.

When I first heard Maggot Brain Theory, and those samples eroded onto the music it was just poetry to my ears. He really had a talent for making the sick and twisted sides of life become a clearer picture for all of us.

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