my issue with schizophrenia and mental illness

my issue with schizophrenia and mental illness

I am going to make myself vulnerable and discuss and speak about something that has personally affected me for a long time but have never publicly spoken about it. This is not a joke and something I make light of for sympathy or any other ulterior motive. I simply want freedom from this and get back a sense of myself and true identity.

I hear audible voices/hallucinations, they come and go. It happens daily, whether home or out and about. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, they are always around. I’ve been having these kinds of episodes for over 2 decades now I am almost 40 years old. I’ve had a theory that at some point in my life somebody planted surveillance technology in my body, but I am not sure.

I am aware that drugs/alcohol do have symptoms of paranoia hallucinations from withdrawal. But I do not have an addiction to anything.

These voices are too specific and conscious, like a real living person. They respond to my thoughts and consciousness. Whether I say something with my mind they can hear and repeat whatever I think. And sometimes they just speak without reason.

I do take medication, but I am currently on a new medication that I’ve only been using for a short time. I speak to a psychiatrist and get mental health treatment. I may need deliverance from demonic possession, but this is something I’ve dealt with for over 2 decades now.

Pregablin for Anxiety treatment

I am writing today because my psychiatrist will not prescribe me Lyrica (pregablin) for my debilitating anxiety. Her reason for not prescribing me Pregablin as indicated by her interest in Medical Journals addressing Pregablin as a first line of medications for Anxiety disorders. I have listed references concerning this, and my findings are satisfactory if thoroughly investigated.

“Pregabalin lowered total Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety scores within 1 week and was effective against both somatic and psychic subcomponents.” –

“Available evidence suggests that pregabalin is effective and well tolerated in the treatment of GAD.” –

“Successful treatment of GAD with pregabalin versus placebo and active comparators has been reported in clinical trials.” – ttps://

Additionally I was suggested to try Gabapentin as opposed to Pregablin. Any significant research will determine Pregablin more effective in it’s Pharmacology. As Pregablin is absorbed, metabolized and distributed more effectively than Gabapentin.

Pregablin is the successor to Gabapentin and is more effective. Both drugs are indicated as primary usage for Neuropathic Pain. Both drugs are essentially the same.

In conclusion I wish to be prescribed Pregablin for my anxiety, as opposed to Gabapentin. If there can be any credibility otherwise, I wish for a more thorough explanation.

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