my issue with schizophrenia and mental illness

I am going to make myself vulnerable and discuss and speak about something that has personally affected me for a long time but have never publicly spoken about it. This is not a joke and something I make light of for sympathy or any other ulterior motive. I simply want freedom from this and get back a sense of myself and true identity.

I hear audible voices/hallucinations, they come and go. It happens daily, whether home or out and about. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, they are always around. I’ve been having these kinds of episodes for over 2 decades now I am almost 40 years old. I’ve had a theory that at some point in my life somebody planted surveillance technology in my body, but I am not sure.

I am aware that drugs/alcohol do have symptoms of paranoia hallucinations from withdrawal. But I do not have an addiction to anything.

These voices are too specific and conscious, like a real living person. They respond to my thoughts and consciousness. Whether I say something with my mind they can hear and repeat whatever I think. And sometimes they just speak without reason.

I do take medication, but I am currently on a new medication that I’ve only been using for a short time. I speak to a psychiatrist and get mental health treatment. I may need deliverance from demonic possession, but this is something I’ve dealt with for over 2 decades now.

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