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Ulterior motives and nefarious schemes to undermine or mask your true intentions is downright disgusting! please just will due respect and diligence give and provide because you want to see progress not because you you think your fueling an addiction. Life is not a parallel line, it is a chaotic and disordered mess that runs and roams as it pleases. The objective is to sort that out, and get it back to its parallel state.

https://ko-fi.com/trevormarkiw I think I will just leave this here and only look for donations through that. If you ever feel compelled to give or support me in any way I genuinely appreciate and am happy to receive the gift. And if you especially have a motivator in mind for the monetary donation let me know and I will do my best to fulfill that for you. But I really think I can put money into things that will help and build a better world.

Приховані мотиви та мерзенні схеми підірвати чи замаскувати ваші справжні наміри – це просто огидно! будь ласка, виявляйте належну повагу та старанність, тому що ви хочете бачити прогрес, а не тому, що вважаєте, що розпалюєте залежність. Життя – це не паралельна лінія, це хаотичний і невпорядкований безлад, який біжить і блукає, як йому заманеться. Мета полягає в тому, щоб відсортувати це та повернути його до паралельного стану.

Я думаю, що я просто залишу це тут і шукатиму лише через це пожертви. Якщо ви коли-небудь відчуєте потребу зробити або підтримати мене будь-яким способом, я щиро ціную та радий отримати подарунок. І якщо ви маєте на увазі певну мотивацію для грошової пожертви, дайте мені знати, і я зроблю все можливе, щоб виконати це для вас. Але я справді думаю, що можу вкладати гроші в речі, які допоможуть і побудують кращий світ.

Why you will never climb in League of Legends

To put it briefly, it’s a team game. League of Legends is a game where you play alongside other human beings, in all levels and skill based tiers. Therein lies the problem.

In theory there ranking system should be acceptable and beneficial for all players. Lets take for example their elo system. They have Iron – Challenger, the worst being Iron and best being Challenger. The game however does not limit an Iron player from playing in Challenger and vice versa, this is an extreme example, but a realistic scenario. You can buy smurf accounts of all elos and skill levels.

I am going to be speaking from a realistic and idealistic scenario. And that being my initial example of a team game. It’s easy to exploit the game for the uninitiated. And the game designers had this in mind. They make certain champions stronger in early, mid and late game. You can counter play, you can neglect responsibility of farming and playing your lane and deciding to exploit your strengths to disadvantage a player who is playing the game as it was intended.

Furthermore, you can play the game as it was intended and still find yourself at a loss because it is entirely too difficult for a person in Iron – Silver elo to carry a single game themselves. I believe later elo’s this is not the case.

So in summary, Riot games has it in mind that a person who is at as low of an elo as Iron to be able to single handed carry an entire match by themselves.

My message to Riot games is to address this reality, and determine lowest of elos to be at the highest of skill levels. Or I ask more experienced players to offer beneficial advice on how to carry a single game absent of a team.

In addition I intend on examining each specific detail to a single game and offer opportune advice as to expected intentions of your teammates, to maybe productively cooperate with one another.


All this being said, the game IS fun. However I do believe unless you’re at the skill level of Faker you need a duo partner or teammates that you can trust to really advance in Ranked games.

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