League of Legends practical advice and strategies

I think a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on trying to best your opponent in League of Legends, but I think something more to consider is the respect of the role and class of each player. I mean this specifically in the interest of the jungle, and its relationship to each lane.

It wasn’t brought to my attention until I realized things like helping leash the red/blue buff, or the scuttle crab in the river. Each of these directives corresponds to a benefit of income, hp/mana and vision.

The goal and the object of the game is to destroy the nexus, the priority and direction of each lane should reflect upon achieving this. But most importantly is knowing your position and what you’re supposed to focus on.

I think for the better half the game it’s this mentality that it’s a one-man game and that your team is an obstacle and a distraction. While in most scenarios, especially low Elo this is true. It’s better to decide for yourself to push aside your emotional frustrations and invest into the benefit of the outcome of a game. This is difficult and nauseating to achieve, but I think it is an attainable vision. I say this all as a reminder for myself, and hopefully as an encouragement to you as a player.

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