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wouldn’t it be nice if we had a preface for every objectionable scenario we encounter in life? So that then we can understand every scenario before we get into the gory details. I’m no author but if I did write a book I think you always start with a preface. Practical common sense for a modern numbskull such as myself. I have to get a new pair of shoes, I think I want to get back into walking more, these lizard legs aren’t going to train themselves.

I think for the better part of these summer months I should be exposed to the weather and have a good pair of shoes. My feet demand a comfortable shoe that will help offer me the performance I need to keep going at a reasonable pace. I am not a eagle, I cant fly. But I am pretty nimble and can move at a reasonable speed on my feet.

If heat, exhaustion does become an issue and it will, because that fiery son does not forgive.

Maybe I can get my shit straight start to actually organize and do a better task as a webmaster. I like to think I’m altogether equipped by myself but I do enjoy having an actual correspondence and not a rudimentary echo chamber reverberating the echoes of already said things over ten-fold. I just want to get my shit straight now, so I can prepare myself.

Conversations with self

chinese assisting russia

signing death papers

I don’t think that there is an end to suffering. In fact, I believe that people have this inescapable dilemma inside themselves where they think that traumas and suffering have an escape. The only escape from suffering is from a absolute and a directive. Until they reflect and understand that they have suffering it won’t relinquish. It will continue to fester and antagonize. I wish I would encourage a release. Perhaps even driving this insect out of its hiding. Who is scared?

I do indeed love to see fear. I love to watch fear and it makes me feel superior. Because from the beginning I’ve always wanted to feel superior. And now I do indeed know that I am actually inferior. Because I have no idea of the pain that I will endure.

And yes, I do feel superior. I feel indeed a response to even pleasure. My god I have become a monster!!! a monster? no not yet. We haven’t watched this subject be turned into the shit that he wants. There is no determination.


I think he thinks that I care.

Imagine a human being who thrives off of suffering.

They do not understand that there is a cosmological and intrinsic source that does not exist in this human realm. Indeed, this being does exist to see that justice is served.

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