faith, rambling, nobody will read this

Maybe I am not making enough sense out of this, or maybe somebody will misinterpret this and than will fail to clearly see what I am trying to say altogether. Or maybe this whole idea of me making any sense, is just a esoteric idea only to be understood to myself. This doesn’t change the general idea that I believe that faith is something that all human beings struggle with and have the choice every day to accept faith or to deny it. And think from experience I can say with sincerity that when  I choose faith, that I generally leave the experience with an elevated sense of my self-worth and the preservation of my existence on this earth. I believe that ultimately this coinciding idea of faith and the elevation of self is intrinsic to an omnipotent being (whatever you want to call it). I have such a hard time believing in coincidence, and karma. Because they are too damn human, what do I mean by that? well its all just cause and effect, actions and reactions, relativity. For any body to accept that is truth, degrades the human race of any real meaning or purpose. I thought that my struggle on this earth was unique, but it turns out it is not. All humans wrestle with this. Some are just able to be easily distracted by life.

…to are be continued


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