Deeds of Flesh Portals to Canaan (a continued experimentation in music reviews)

Artist: Deeds of Flesh
Album: Portals to Canaan
Label: Unique Leader
Year: 2013
Wiki: Indeed

My greatest memory with Deeds of Flesh began with their 1998 release, “Inbreeding the Anthropophagi”, I remember them always delivering the goods in the brutal department, rather heavily. I have admit a lack of interest after that release, it all seemed mundane to me, repetition had definitely played its course. And I know I will receive a handful of insults for saying that, as there are a large group of people who swear on the holy Kwanzaa flying book of jihad that Mark of the Legion and Crown of Souls is their greatest contribution, but I neglect. Lets fast forward to 2008, and Deeds of Flesh release “Of whats to come…”, what can only be described as a far more technical approach, and this has only piqued my interest for the band.

File:Portals to Canaan.jpg

So it’s with little surprise that I was even more excited for their latest release “Portals To Canaan”, a slab of sci-fi death metal. I like the guitars in this, I like the drumming in this, I like the samples that play throughout. That’s exactly why I call it sci-fi death metal, because it’s literally like something out of this world, and they definitely capture that vibe perfectly. I could bore you with a enormous amount of adjectives to express my like of this band and this release, but it will become redundant, and I want to make this interesting, and not boring. 

Great release. I give 2 thumbs up, and a mother fucking salute to the Virvum Juggernaut!

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