If one thing I have found in life that injects a willingness to continue on this world we live, it is the ability to embrace and accept delusion. Without delusion, without the ability to entertain our imaginations with the unreal and unseen, the mysterious ways of life. We read old texts and embrace the principles and precepts. We obey they cautions they construct, its all in a natural scenario we obey. When we find ourselves down, we allow our minds to think back to the delusions we create in our minds. Of course we don’t consciously accept the things in our minds as delusion, but we obey them and see them as truth.

The ones who live the most fulfilling lives, are the ones who build and develop great delusion. They ignore reality, and embrace delusion. It distracts our minds from reality, it gives us a hope that is unforeseen. When you are in the conundrum of life, the battle of a 12 hour job, you need something to fall back on that is more healthy than nursing a bottle of alcohol. So we interest ourselves in delusion.

I hope that I am not giving a negative impression, I for one wish I could accept delusion. My life would be more worthwhile. Would give my body strength to exist. But I have tasted too much of reality, I have existed in the numbing pain of reality. It’s a battle much like good and evil.

Impress your imagination, entertain the thoughts… give weight into the unknown. Allow the unknown to exist within yourself. Battle the negative, and possess the illusions.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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    I ain’t suggesting your information is not solid,

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