MU Legends first impressions/review

My first ever exposure to an mmorpg was Diablo I know you can’t really call it that, more of an action rpg with online elements. But it was the closest example I could think of. From there I got into other games like Conquer Online, Guild Wars, very little World of Warcraft… I did play my fair share of free MMO’s but they fell into obscurity and I cannot remember the names. All this being said, I have had some experience and interest in the genre. Diablo aside I gave up on the genre as a whole, it was just too mind numbingly frustrating and soul draining; putting hours, days, weeks even months into a game only to find such a minimal amount of progression. It took a spark from a game like League of Legends to get me interested again in gaming.

I suppose the same regression occurred with League of Legends and I ran into a wall with that game, it just became the same old nonsense game after game, and I lost interest. This put me on the hunt to try something new and I came across a game called Mu Legends an mmorpg from a company called webzen. This game differs from a lot of other mmo’s because of its fixed camera angle and isometric view of the game world. The story line and overall progression is very linear and it’s almost impossible to find yourself wondering what to do or where to go prior level 65. I think that might possibly be the biggest reason I got so glued to the title, because although I ignored the story it was fluid and animated, as well as narrated and voiced rather well. The world itself spans over 7 continents though you can only access 4 of them, and 1 being more of a marketplace/world zone. So the game is rather small and it’s really easy to get acclimated to the details while going through the story and progressing to level 65.

It took me less than a week to complete the game, get to level 65 and decked out in full mythic gear. I thought to myself this was easy now I can conquer whatever the game throws at me. However I was wrong. See there are new instances and now gear is available that you cannot buy in the market place or easily find if you are under geared and low of level.

The biggest gripe I have about the game is the currency dependent item enchanting. If you want to get your gear to +7 you have a lot of zen and the jewels to do it, but you find out real quick that you will now run short of magic gems. There is a daily quest that can accumulate a large amount of magic gems but it can only be performed once a day, or twice if you’re a platinum member of the game. Aside from that one instance, you have to rely on rewards from other daily quests that are also numbered to once or twice a day. And do your daily rifts, this gives you a decent amount of magic gems. But not nearly enough to really spam enchant your gear. You’re going to run dry on magic gems, because throughout the process if you fail you lose a + and the money and resources it took to make it. I think the game developers did this on purpose. Because with the easily accessible ability to farm zen, but you cannot farm nearly enough magic gems. And if you can I am not aware of the methods.

A lot of salty people call this a pay to win title, and I am kind of in the middle on this. Sure spending some cash will “help” you, but you can do everything that a paying person can, just have to grind and work harder. To put it in perspective, the pay elements that benefit you in this game, are in the way of a premium service that gives you rewards and bonus gifts like magic gems, resurrection stones and bound redzen (bound redzen and redzen are completely different). The biggest perk to spending money is having the ability to open the cubes that require redzen to open beyond 1 time. This game is excellent and a lot of fun, it is worth spending $30 for platinum membership. If this game costed thirty bucks, I would buy it.

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