Military from Bakhmut to the ‘hero’

Military from Bakhmut to the ‘hero’ from Bukovel: ‘Wait for us, we will come to you and meet you as ‘necessary’…

In one of the hotels in Bukovel, a vacationer insulted a combat medic who was undergoing rehabilitation there. The businessman’s wife also started insulting the soldiers of the Armed Forces on the Internet.

Recently, a vacationer in Bukovel scolded combat medic Oleksandr Odarchenko, who was there for rehabilitation. The conflict occurred when a soldier of the Armed Forces made a remark to a Ukrainian who speaks Russian. The video went viral. In the footage, a man in a white coat and with a beer in his hand calls the soldier a ‘loshara’ and says: ‘Go to your Bakhmut, why are you sitting here?’.

The Ukrainian fighters of the regiment turned to the vulgar in the story of the Ukrainian journalist and public figure Yanina Sokolova.

The man who called the combat medic was Oleksandr Fatula, a businessman from Cherkasy. He was convicted twice, but got out of the water dry and did not receive any punishment. And in 2014, the businessman created an organized group that specialized in the illegal production of alcohol. He was even convicted for it, but paid a fine. In 2019, for the same reason, he was convicted again and not punished.

The grenade launcher of the ‘Azov’ regiment, Dmytro Kuharchuk, with the call sign Slip, reacted to the scandal and made a sharp statement while currently in Bakhmut. He emphasized that fighters cannot afford to ignore statements like Fatula’s. Therefore, I put him in his place, inviting him to Bakhmut.

‘The apology he gave was not an apology at all. Do you want to apologize, do you want to show that you are a real man? Come on, come here to Bakhmut. We will give you an armored car, an RPG and you will go to defend the landings. And if you don’t want to, then let’s meet on neutral territory. We will come to you and meet you. You will tell us your position and explain why you allow yourself to make such statements,’ said the grenade launcher of the ‘Azov’ regiment Dmytro Kukharchuk.

He added that Fatula’s wife also showed herself not in the best light. After all, after the scandal, she began to publish statements in her stories, where she called all fighters mentally ill people with post-traumatic stress disorder. And Fatula herself will be responsible for her words and actions.


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