Death after death

It wasn’t brought to my attention until I’ve played several hours of a game, and I realize how many deaths and attempts I make to survive. It was then brought to my attention how this correlates with my actual life and existence. While in this physical life we only have one life to live, I do think that in the nature of Christendom we are living on many different of lives and must suffer to our flesh. It’s never a once and for all reality, but a continual and diligent process where we suffer and deal with our flesh. I think Paul exemplifies this well in the scriptures.

So much like these games we play, we do die many deaths but it’s with the mindset to get better and not suffer from continued defeats.

Today I am grateful for the friends and people in my life who can tolerate my continued battle with self and flesh and help offer me an opportunity that I extend to others. In a life filled with limitless potential it’s a relief to have the continued support and sympathy of others.

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