DOOM gory goat

I dont know what more I could do. I like this appearance, gives it a more realistic and gory features. I would shit my pants, if you attacked its original form, and it took damage and began to end up like this picture. I might play around more, but I am running low on stock images to manipulate. This one I’ll keep, its a lot better than my original, before this. I’ll show below.

This gives you an idea of all the changes I made. Any feedback would be appreciated. 

photo manipulation

I started to do some imaging with Paint Shop Pro 7. I would like Photoshop, but this is the best I can do for now. I always liked messing around with layers and imaging, see what kind of abstract things you can do with a normal image, with layers of other “interesting” images. I know I use low quality images, and make poor overall quality, but this is more of a hobby than anything else. I guess I would like to get more serious with things like this, but at the moment, my attention span can only put together what comes easiest, I guess. 

I want to see the new movie Eli Roth put together called “Green Inferno”, I guess it’s highly influenced by the movie Cannibal Holocaust which is a notorious piece of horror cinema, and even today it still has that eerie kind vibe about it, much like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. My expectations for Green Inferno, are not very high. But I do like the premise of a bunch of social justice warriors trying to get into a cause, only for their social internet sites to get acclaim. I already know the movie is going to be gory, considering Eli’s past movies, especially Hostel. 
Well anyway, more to come soon.

chaos resembling a clearer picture

How can something abstract be conceptualized? the architecture of chaos is indistinguishable, there is no blueprint, no planned idea, just chaos resembling a clearer picture. If I took any enjoyment in the arts, it would be in the capability to create something from nothing. With having no blueprint, no clear idea, just a stroke of inspiration, and the canvas of choice to bring to life the ideas in our minds. Do I draw skyscrapers? or do I let my soul spill out onto paper. That is the difference to me from traditional art, to abstract art. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a fine line to abstract from just a colorful barf thrown together to make up some kind of indistinguishable sludge. The line is crossed onto music, movies and any other “art”.

Maybe we can learn more about our existence from the abstract.

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