Groove on Fight – Sega Saturn

I actually came across this game by accident but I am very glad that I was able to snag up one of the more original and cool 2D Fighters ever to grace Saturn. Atlus’s Groove on Fight is not your basic 2D fighter since it uses a tag-team style of fighting which enables you to alternate characters on the fly making for some great combinations and frantic battles. Fans of Marvel vs Capcom will have hours of fun with the huge special attacks that take up half of the screen. You get 10 characters to choose from at the beginning of the game along with characters you can unlock, and this is without a doubt one of the most unique cast of characters that I have ever come across, don’t get me wrong, there are some basic style characters in GoF but two elderly woman tied together is anything but normal.

The graphics in Groove on Fight take advantage of the Saturn’s 4 Meg RAM cart which enables GoF to have fluid character animation and cool special effects. Dont expect graphics on the level of Marvel vs Capcom but GoF’s graphics shouldn’t disappoint you at all. My only gripe with the Graphics are the somewhat stale backgrounds which could have been improved since this game does use the 4MEG cart.

The sound in this game is a mixed bag, the music is very good, ranging from Gothic tunes to rock, not to mention being red-book audio. The battle sound effects are average but could have been clearer. The character taunts seem like there coming off a Genesis rather than a Saturn, but this shouldn’t really bother anyone.

The length of this game for 1 Player is rather short (like most fighters) but the style of the game makes it perfect for 2 players. GoF is a cool game to break out when your just hanging out with your friends. Pulling off a 20 hit combo in the comfort of your own home, a fighter fans dream come true.

Overall this is a very worthwhile purchase for 2D fighter fans thanks to the above average gameplay, graphics and style. You can find Groove on Fight at most import stores that still carry Saturn games, like and Lets hope we see Groove on Fight 2 soon.

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