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Earth Cleaver: Enables you to slam your weapon to the ground in front, attacking enemies in a straight line at 1,163% of attack, and pushing them away from the cracks in the ground. CD: 10.0s, MP COST: 109, Required Level: 61 INSTANT.

Leap Attack: Enables you to leap to the target location and hammer the ground, inflicts damage on all enemies in range at 365% of attack and decreases their movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.  CD: 5s, MP cost: 95

Cyclone Slash: Enables you to quickly spin and create a cyclone, inflicting AoE damage at 215% of attack ever 3s. Increases your movement speed by 10% while casting.

Gravity Deflection: Enables you to muster your strength, hammer the ground in front of you, and launch enemies within a certain distance into the air, aone by one. All targets receive damage at 1,295% of attack and get launched in the air. The shock from falling inflicts damage at 798% of attack. CD: 25s, MP: 93

Sonorous Roar: Lets out a Sonorous roar to increase the agro of nearby enemies by 50% for 10s restores 1% of the casters max hp every second and increases attack and movement speed of the caster and surrounding allies by %5 CD:15, MP: 34

Redemption: Enables you to move with the fluid precision, granting invincibility for 2s attacks surrounding enemies to inflict damage at 895% of attack and increases their agro by 50% in 2s. CD: 20, MP: 76

Charge: Charges at the target to inflict damage at 315% of attack and cause stun for 2s. CD:8, MP: 53

Wallop: Enables you to charge forward and deliver a decisive blow at the cost of 30% of max HP. Inflict true damage at 70% of hp consumed.

Last-ditch effort: Creates a shield that increases attack by %5 and absorbs incoming damage for up to 20% of max hp for 10s. CD: 30, MP: 95

Lightspeed Slash: Quickly Swings the blade, inflicting damage at 1,690% of attack on the enemies in front. Inflicts damage 3 times. Weapon skill attacks inflict 50% Additional damage and a increase attack speed by 20% for 10s. CD: 25, MP: 89

Shatter: Enables you to take a wide swing with your weapon tower the ground and send forth a shockwave. The shockwave attacks all surrounding targets at 202% of attack and causes bleeding draining 1% CD:2s

Rampage: Forcefully strikes enemies in front. Attacks 5 times. Each attack inflicts damage at 292% of attack and stuns the target for 5s. CD: 15, MP: 72

Iron Armor: Instantly summons iron armor to protect the body for 3s, protects against 80% damage. Restores as much HP as 40% of the reduced damage. CD: 30s, MP: 48


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