Automated chat and writing

I am kind of devolved considering my thoughts on the chat gpt, where it being a new integral and formulaic way of escaping the actual act and physical capacity to muster and surmise a set syllables or verbs and nouns and make up a sentence, by yourself. Now we have the convenience of inputting our own data into a blender and letting it regurgitate whatever we want to see. It sounds fun and useful, and yes it probably is. But I am more comfortable relying on the spontaneity of my mind and letting it explore and give me the information I want to provide.

It goes the same with art and graphics, now you can take a couple pictures and throw it in the blender and allow a spontaneous combustion of images come out as a result. Originality and identity are soon going to be missing. And yet here I am still arranging and organizing my thoughts in way that I think presentable for you to read.

Really are some big things brewing on the music front we got new Extol and Crimson Moonlight coming, and the Horrendous album was a complete masterpiece from head to toe. I am thrilled and excited to see where music is going, and I hope to be able to draw and ebb my way into that on this web site.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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