Goodbye to a dear friend squirrel

I feel like piece of shit for saying this that is because I am, not in the literal sense but in the metaphorical and or abstract kind of sense. Because as a species and a living organism we’re too fucking trapped in our own minds. And social media and the internet and all of it is a big part of the blame, but the big derailment was the covid virus spread that encouraged and put people in this isolation mindset, that did shift a lot otherwise social people into the lifestyle.

Looking at our cities and our environment we need to wake up to pollution and toxic waste. We need to figure out ways to help harvest our environment. Not destroy it and rob it. I think. My outlook lately has been on too much finger pointing and hating. I need to wake up to the fact that this life is valuable, and it deserves to be loved and shared and helped for not destroyed and abandoned and hated.

Working a shit job that sucks, and with this heat its really easy to lose your shit and get angry. And we have to be aware of that and be considerate and loving and understanding. As best as we can. Because life is above all the highest goal and achievement.

This week has been burdensome to me, because now I am seeing that I am doing too little and expecting too much. I need to live by my means and not overextend my boundaries. In these coming weeks and months, I hope to develop more into my disciple and character and start to mature and help myself, but most of all help others.


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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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