Ideas beliefs and metal music

For better or worst I grew up on an undistinguished likeness to any particular sound. I guess as a young kid I would hear the church choir sing. and I would hear that music, and it was beautiful and lovely, while some is even somber but very therapeutic for both mind and body. So, what is this business about metal and Christianity? that was something I had no clue or idea about and couldn’t even conjure the thought.

Enter the modern world and you have bands like Vengeance Rising, Living Sacrfice who’re essentially been doing what Slayer and other popular thrash bands do, without fault. It isn’t a thing of faith or belief that you should dictate your musical choice or preference.

See what I think is that music is… MUSIC! whatever which way you play it, it is a sound, and it does reverberate and echo something inside you. So, I think people should first and foremost listen to the music, and then read the details and decide for yourself if you want to support or encourage any particular genre or music “scene”. I just wish it wasn’t so bigoted and curtailed to every fucking leisure or suite.

Facts are facts, the beginning of this universe had a creator, and that is God. So, all this music we consume and enjoy is brought to you by the talented hands of the creator. Everything we do and labor for and give any effort or worth into comes from something, and this is the beautiful nature of Christianity. Jesus is the master craftsman, and He does Portrey and divulge and display all the last disgusting thing humans are capable of.

Go travel the griefs of the world in a Pilgrims Progress or absolutely mystify and distort your mind with the Space Trilogy. Everything worth your time and energy entertaining yourself with comes from an individual who God blessed them miraculously.

Yes, I am well aware that Deicide made a video with they themselves eating Jesus Christ at a dinner table. And it’s disgusting and sick and warped and fucked. But that is the result of something far more nefarious and that is the corporate and money-making aspect of music, it’s called a gimmick and nobody with an iota of a braincell will believe that bullshit.

Just remember hate is the fuel and ingredient of Satan, so take it all in and enjoy it, because this life here is not your last destination, no there is more to this planet than your “here and now”. The suffering and pain of hell is nothing I want any part of, I would much rather rest assured in the belief of a heaven above. And trust me, I’ve tested the limits of death in more ways than I am comfortable to discuss.

SO, in summary is Living Sacrifice, Meshuggah? or is Stryper, Motley Crue? nobody knows! I can’t for the life of me read minds or understand the nonsense of drawing comparisons nonstop. I’d imagine everyone has to start somewhere, let’s just hope it’s something original and fresh for people to enjoy. This could curtail into something greater than this article, particularly at the distinct comparison of music, but this is something that may be of too much of an effort for even me to figure out. Whatever the case, being a human being and loving your neighbor and…. well dammit there I go again, and this time I am going to start quoting scripture. So, I better stop now.

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