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Ideas beliefs and metal music

For better or worst I grew up on an undistinguished likeness to any particular sound. I guess as a young kid I would hear the church choir sing. and I would hear that music, and it was beautiful and lovely, … Continue reading

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Supplements and health?

This is not going to be an easy article; I am not going to try and figure out some solid tried and true pedigree or whatever the fuck. But I just want some peace of mind dammit. So here I … Continue reading

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Last Bible for the sega Game Gear

Its been a grip since my last an initial post regarding this game. I am still very much interested and am playing it semi regularly. The art style is something that I am particularly fond of. Last Bible is a role-playing … Continue reading

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Disincarnate – Dreams of the Carrion Kind Review

Artist: DisincarnateAlbum: Dreams of the Carrion KindLabel: Roadrunner RecordsYear: 1993Wiki: Disincarnate’s album Dreams of the Carrion Kind was released in 1993 1. The album features nine tracks, including “De Profundis (Intro)”, “Stench of Paradise Burning”, “Beyond the Flesh”, “In Sufferance”, “Monarch of the Sleeping Marches”, “Soul … Continue reading

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Loudblast – “Disincarnate” review + AI help

Artist: LoudBlastAlbum: DisincarnateLabel: Semetery RecordsYear: 1991Wiki: Loudblast’s second studio album, Disincarnate, is a classic death metal record that was released in 19911. The album features nine tracks1. The album is a must-listen for fans of the genre. What I find most hilarious is that the title of the … Continue reading

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Cornerstone 2000

Let me first just say that my taste in music has changed quite a bit since this last trip, I still am into a little bit of Hardcore, but I furthermore enjoy Metal a lot more. Sorry I have no … Continue reading

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My picks for 2023

I am a bit late to the party, but I thought I would include my selection of bands and artists that I choose for the year of 2023. Honestly like pulling teeth trying to get into this shit anymore. I … Continue reading

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I have uploaded and will continue to provide useful information and tools for those who are interested in learning a different language. For myself I am starting with Ukrainian, and I hope to advance to Japanese. So, take a look … Continue reading

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A father to the fatherless

The thing about my life is that my dad split on my mom when I was really young. I was forced into public schools in the 4th grade, after being taught an education. by my mom alone. During that time, … Continue reading

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the Punisher

Growing up I was always into superheroes and comic books but one that really caught my attention and interest was the Punisher. It is about this guy who had a good life, and it was all taken away from him, … Continue reading

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How important is your time? League of, let me have some fun!

You’ve done it, you queued into a game of League of Legends, and you are pinned between 4 other people who may or may not like you. Whatever the case, these people do have an ability to change the outcome … Continue reading

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Please consider helping me benefit both myself and others, and it encourages me to continue keep making my content available to everyone. Not necessary or warranted, regardless I will do my best to put out quality content. But if you … Continue reading

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league of DAMAGE

Tryndamere aint queer, he’s straight as a flake.! this guy has devastating damage and critical hits! now, but seriously, why am I not getting good damage numbers? this game is silly.

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Twitch – and live streaming

Twitch is a wonderful place, it’s an amazing experience where people can broadcast themselves. But in the better decline of modern civilization many people take offense or blame at the expense of nobody but who else, other than yourself. Now … Continue reading

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this looks exciting..

I am certainly convinced that shining force is the supreme strategy, but now I am seeing even deeper layers of games I had no idea. This is something I want to look and try.

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It performs it excels, its AWESEOME its SEGA!!!

Today gamers I have in my hands a brand-new Sega Saturn USB controller. It’s a very solid and sturdy piece of plastic. This controller is great! I love it. And it’s nice to finally have it in my hands, so … Continue reading

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Cast yo vanias around meeeee????

This to me is the game that epitomized the series for me. I was thrilled to find out that it both shared in exploration of a castle, and side scrolling platforming, but you also have the advantage of rpg elements … Continue reading

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Ambitions and Goals beyond 2024?! and who is Vlad Savchuk?

With the coming of the new year, I think it’s important to think about yourself and most importantly about your friends and company, or better yet community. There is power in numbers and seeing and breathing this knowledge is good … Continue reading

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