The state of this world

From where I am sitting it seems rather peaceable around here, except for the fact that Ukraine and Russia are on an onslaught bloodbath to kill each other for numerous months and years and quite possibly this is starting to elevate into the middle east. and here in America we are at a cobweb of shit whether it be the people that are trying to play God and transition their bodies into an opposite gender, thus destroying the very sanctity of what is a true a whole human being which is made up of male and female.

And it doesn’t stop there, we have in America a huge a severe crisis with homelessness and drug addiction taking hold of many Americans. You see these videos on youtube of the cities and streets of America and its really starting to look disgusting.

The overwhelming flood of negativity and hatred that is spread fierce and wide, while we are all drowning in social media and distractions that make us think that everything is ok.

The time is coming for change and a pursuit of values and things that have intrinsic and objective moral value. Yes, there is an objective and defined plan and design of this life, and it is illustrated plainly in the bible. And the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. historically true and realized worldwide for generations. All that music, and entertainment you shovel into your head comes from a human being just like yourself. They don’t have the answers for this life and the reality of this universe. But God does and he designed this planet and earth flawlessly.

It’s in the arrangement of nature and the wildlife that we see and explore its designed and crafted by the hands of God.

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet around here; I just haven’t been feeling my best self. But now I know I have a heavenly father in heaven, and I have the responsibility on this earth to be a good father to my own son, even if he doesn’t accept me, I will still try and build for him a better life, and that is with hope – but the utmost responsibility to start taking charge of my life and make better decisions and better invest into myself the hope of Christ salvation.

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wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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