Funerus – Festering Earth

Artist: Funerus
Album: Festering Earth
Year: 2003

Incantation is responsible for creating a form of death metal, that emphasis itself in slow foreboding melodies and speedily transitions, without warning. I say they are responsible because there is more than a handful of bands that play in this style. I think in popular terms, they call it blackened death metal. I myself can only tolerate a few black metal bands, but when that style is borrowed and used in death metal, I find it to be a genre I can really appreciate

Introduction aside, I would like to talk about a band called Funerus, one that especially shares in style with Incantation because John McEntee and wife Jill play in the band. It does separate itself from Incantation in sound. It is more slow and broadened over with doom and death. Though it does explode into speedily hostile pieces.

Festering Earth lays out excellent mid sections which are slowed down, and you can hearth the double bass kick some ass, while screaming agonizing gutturals, perpetuate form. I haven’t heard their newest release (at the time of january 2016)  Reduced to Sludge. But this is a piece of death metal that is definitely worth your time and money. I will easily lump this in the sum of music I like most.

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