PISSGRAVE – Euthanasia track overview

Okay a bowl full of shit is a bit too tame, lets up the ante and present to you a face smashed in. Jesus, I can’t stomach much more of this. Herein is the internal dialogue one will be conflicted with upon initial exposure to the band Pissgrave.

I question my mental stability to review death metal honestly anymore, especially when gimmicks are at the forefront. If the aforementioned is to deter otherwise unintelligent and ignorant music, than I guess I should be cheering them on.

Here we have a track from their second full length release “Posthumous Humiliation” out March 01, 2019 on Profound Lore Records. I record label that has a reputation for putting out some highly esteemed music, ranging from a broad array of genres.

For the uninitiated who didn’t have the pleasure of hearing “Suicide Euphoria”, this track alone will keep you to pace with their brand of dirty and brutal angry death metal. Unhinged on conventional formulaic brutal death metal. They rely on strong melody and downright distorted buzzsaw guitars not to be confused what bands from Sweden were doing.

All this being said, this track alone doesn’t necessarily represent anything new to the table. But I do admit after hearing their last release a lot was to be desired, their music does have a place in the genre, and I am excited to hear the full length.

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