Embrace of Thorns Entropy Dynamics

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What a bloody miserable well has this earth dug up but a concoction of some kind of mythology or thermodynamics, hell we are heading into entropy! And what can’t be said that has already been claimed from the beginning. These goddamned mongrels from hell or is it Greece? have mucked up one unearthly pleasantry with this aural assault.  The thing about Embrace of Thorns is that they have melded together both the glue of black metal and have chaotically expressed the sounds of death metal. One thing they don’t spare is the atmosphere that is in Greece, that mythological place, a beacon for the gods and goddesses. I was reminded of Antigone when she killed herself in the tragedy. It involves my thoughts into this expression that torments my mind. A hard listen but nothing short of amazing, a masterpiece in its wake. I wasn’t woken up to the grip of its sound since hearing their last release. So, this is refreshing and something new. Very chaotic, very melodic and definitely reconciles the sounds of their native tongue. A beautiful masterpiece I am grateful to have had the pleasure to listen to. One thing distinctly different from their last ensemble.

I’ve entrusted a lot of attention into the inherent and benign but failed to examine the details of the music itself, and with that I’ve been encouraged by a more bombastic sound approach. Nothing left uncharged, this is full force ahead war metal. Unhinged and relying on the melodies that rather impressed me so much with their earlier effort, “Scorn Aesthetics”. It does present samples that I do think really deliver the sound and message very well, I wish they would have implemented it more, it really does help with the sound and atmosphere. That being said, I think this raw and belial way is more forthright and disastrous. The clean singing or chanting alongside the arrangements makes for a nice sound. And the drums are just amazing, very thick and pounding. It bellows throughout the house.

I feel like I haven’t done it justice to say that this release has harnessed the black and death metal capita, but it has definitely broadened its path in that territory. With this release you will get chaotic and ambient melodies all interwoven in a destructive package.



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