Disincarnate – Dreams of the Carrion Kind Review

Artist: Disincarnate
Album: Dreams of the Carrion Kind
Label: Roadrunner Records
Year: 1993
Wiki: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Disincarnate/199

Disincarnate’s album Dreams of the Carrion Kind was released in 1993 1The album features nine tracks, including “De Profundis (Intro)”, “Stench of Paradise Burning”, “Beyond the Flesh”, “In Sufferance”, “Monarch of the Sleeping Marches”, “Soul Erosion”, “Entranced”, “Confine of Shadows”, and “Deadspawn” 1.

According to a review on Encyclopaedia Metallum, the album is “a continuous checklist of elements characteristic of the most basic elements of the then contemporary death metal style of the Florida scene, a direct, cavernous style with rough riffs and even more guttural vocals, with songwriting that tries to be dynamic with occasional changes of pace and key, with occasional doomy sections and melodic guitar solos” 1The reviewer finds the album to be mediocre and forgettable, despite using well-known patterns and being a bit too long 1.

Ok so they think this album is too long, but I think the album presents itself with the necessary pedigree of death metal that must use the allotted time to appropriately express itself. The real shining point of this whole disc is the shredding work of James Murphy. The leads and guitar solos are all done marvelously and capture a lot of mood, atmosphere and melody. You will find this album catchy, and the tunes will get trapped in your head. Brutal guttural vocals and while nothing extraordinary the drumming pummels along this ship perfectly.

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