final review of Mu Legend

(I play this game with the stand alone client, not through steam)

I have been playing this game since December of 2017, so I think I might like the game just a little bit. That being said, I have come to a long overdue conclusion, that I think a lot of other players have as well… this game is essentially a money hungry mobile mmo.

For anyone who says this game is not p2w, they are either a.) delusional, or b.) invested a lot of their own money into the game. Since 2017, I have paid for platinum service, which I thought was enough of a payment to play this game. I was wrong. Now they have the $50+ spellbinder pet, magic gems, + tickets, talismans…. basically every facet of the game can now be paid($) for.

WHY is Sanctum, and Dragon Haven even available if it only gives you level 65 gear? why is all old content still giving items that are level 65? it’s all obsolete now and a complete and total waste of time. Really the only dungeon worth running is 6-1 and you can only run this instance once a day. Or you can grind mythic dungeons all day and have a 0.009% chance of getting a mythic item.

Or you can always shell out real cash in the auction house for all your desired items.

I think I might finally stop playing this game. Or at the very least stop paying them any more money for platinum service. Fix the game make it less pay to win. Increase dungeon entry’s, make all content of the game able to achieve lvl 70 (mythic/set) gear. Get more active GM’s who will run fun events. Then and only then will I come back to this game. But if dumb-asses are actually shelling out cash in the $100’s I cant ever see this game changing any time soon.

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