I have been doing more live streams and video related things that I feel like I’ve neglected content on the site. So I thought I would address my intentions for future updates and what I plan on working on.

A history and feature about “Christian” death metal, a niche of music that plays Death Metal but contradicts the genre by using lyrics that are influenced from the Bible and the teachings of Christ.

Black Desert Online – I have been playing this game a lot and am really enjoying it. Not entirely sure, what I plan on doing about it. Maybe a review or overview of what I have learned.

Physical themed updates. I have slowly gotten back into working out. Currently only doing push-ups, if I dedicate more time to working out I will make a section illustrating my full routine and advice.

Lastly I have made acquaintances with some influential people, I hope to get interviews with them. That about wraps up everything. Will post more later as I think of things. Have a good day.

About Trevor Markiv

wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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