8 Helpful and useful webpages

1. Framedrop: Convert long videos into: • Shorts • Tiktoks • Reels .. and more!


2. TLDR It converts YouTube videos into text for easy access and interaction. Just paste the video link to summarize, download, and search through the content effortlessly.


3. GPT-Minus1 It humanizes ChatGPT-generated essays to avoid detection. It’s a lifesaver for tasks where authenticity is crucial, ensuring your content remains undetectable as AI-generated.


4. Perplexity AI It offers a solution to ChatGPT’s limitations by providing free access to the web, which ChatGPT lacks. It allows users to leverage its full potential without any cost.


5. Cutout Is an impressive AI tool for editing photos and videos. It offers remarkable features such as object removal, video background remover, image background remover, and face cutout.


6. Video2Recipe Is an AI tool that converts cooking videos into text. Just paste the YouTube link, and it generates clear instructions and ingredient lists.


7. Prompt Vibes It provides unlimited pre-written prompts for interacting with ChatGPT effectively. It simplifies the process of getting the most out of your interactions by offering a variety of prompts to choose from.


8. 12ft Ladder: Access any paid article without worrying about paywalls. Just paste the URL into the 12ft Ladder and enjoy free access. Read numerous paid articles for free.


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