Ok so I went ahead and got a domain for the site, http://www.devoutcraziness.com, nothing of interest yet. But I do have plans to either a.) implement my blogger to the domain, or b.) go the wordpress route, but I am inexperienced in that, and so  I will have to study up and defeat any learning curves that I may encounter. It was actually pretty anti-climatic upon purchasing the domain and the minimal hosting package, considering I have been plotting and scheming to do this for a while now. But suffice to say, the financial obligation is out of the way, now its time to get to work and make a damn good web site. Of course content driven, and maybe a few surprises like maybe an internet radio show or something along those lines.

I also finally got around to updating the about page. A lot of images and content, worth checking out.

And I did just recently buy the additional content for Dark Souls, so a marathon is in order tonight. More chapters to come.

Fuck em’ all!

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