Suffocation Hymns from the apocrypha -review

Artist: Suffocation
Record: Hymns from the apocrypha
Label: Nuclear Blast USA – No. 1 Heavy Metal Online Stores
Year: 2023
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I’ve been a longtime fan of suffocation, so long in fact, it extends back to the days of buying a CD and getting a wide selection of other CD’s sent to you in the same genre. To me Frank and his gang of hooligans made the baddest and toughest death metal imaginable! it really is too bad to see Frank leave his duties as vocalist, and now extending the invitation to new frontman and vocalist Eric Morotti. This is the determining and distinction and factor in recognizing the difference in sound from the earliest of Suffocation’s work.

So, what do I think of it? well let me tell you quick, its bringing down the pain and consequences of hurt and pain, this bloody motherfucker ear and eye gouges you into the core! I love it. Sure, predictable and expected in performance, but this freight train keeps things moving fast and steadily. I really do enjoy and love Suffocation’s sound. For me it was Pierced from Within and then the Despise the Sun EP, that really grabbed and choke holded me into their music and its brutality.

Frankly, yes Frank! lol omg wtf?! wow this is getting to be too much Frankfurth in my bratwurst hot dog! my tummy is full. Yes, fans are going to debate and battle between who is better and it’s really no need, because they both can and deserve their recognition. That that being said, I hope the new guy has a good pair of underwear because he is going to need to be comfortable with his role and position in the band.

So, there you have it, get your ears ready for this blast of brutality because its coming! and fast and swinging hard, to the face.

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