SUBCONSCIOUS TERROR – Chaotic Diffusion Review

Artist: Subconcious Terror
Record: Chaotic Diffusion
Label: Eclipse Records

Year: 2023
wIngWOW!: Subconscious Terror – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives (

Pardon my ignorance but these mad mother fuckers have been pounding the drum and slaying the axe as far back as 1994! and I am now just getting acquainted with this assembly. Brothers of metal better pay respect; the land of the rising sun is coming through with a new assemblage I want to talk about.

While thinking about Japan you would hardly think of death metal as their staple in identity and music. But let me tell you something, the Japanese have some of the most proficient and well executed death metal with bands like Intestine Baalism, Coffins, Vomit Remnants and I could keep going after that. They do indeed have a steady craft of the knife when it comes to this music. One of the bands I am speaking about today is Subconscious Terror. They play a technical death metal, with the keys and harmonies at all levels and variety in numbers. The theme and details are something of science fiction and witchcraft, maybe even a little voodoo. I don’t know what kind of toxic waste seeped out of the bowels, but it’s getting messy. Maybe if they could add a little more harmony and variety in the rhythm, and yes of course that necessity for mood and atmosphere. I see this as a promising band and one I am taking notice. I was too cheap to actually buy the cd, so I streamed it on YouTube. But I do really hope to score some coin and send it in their direction, because these guys deserve the contribution. I definitely am getting some vibes of Sinister in sound here, and that is an exemplary detail.

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