Extol exemplary Christian blackened death metal into the progressive sound!

When you consider the fact that music can be titled and categorized as a religion, you begin to wonder how many different sub-genres and categories actually exist. One thing is certain about “Christian” music, is that a lot of it is nothing more than carbon copies of <insert genre here> with Christian lyrical themes. So, considering this reality, when I speak about the band Extol, it’s incredible that this band both stands out in musical integrity but also in lyrical content.

Extol is a Norwegian band of the Oslo region, or at least this is my understanding. I suppose it’s of no surprise when you consider the reputation of musicians from the geographical map. So, what exactly separates them from other death and black metal? well, I suppose it’s in their choice in both technicality and harmony and melodic elements.

If you begin with their songs on Northern Lights, you will be introduced with both low and deep gutturals with accompanying black metal screams and shrieks. It churns and pummels and is nothing short of the blueprints of what you will eventually hear on their full lengths, particularly Undeceived and Burial.

The evolution of the band is bittersweet in my opinion. They created a definitive sound that is nothing short of flawless with Undeceived. But these mad lads are not content with sticking to one sound. Because when you get into hearing Synergy, the Blueprint Dives and their Self-Titled, you begin to realize they are really more concerned with discovering many different musical territories.

It’s with much excitement and anticipation that in 2023 – 2024 they are indeed looking to create new and modern music with their aptly titled Labyrinth of Ill / Exigency EP.

It’s of my own personal opinion that they should have ended their Extol career with Undeceived and decided to title a new project with their newest offerings. Because it is in my heart of hearts that Extol is indeed a Death and Black Metal project. Whatever the case you cannot go wrong with Extol regardless of what you might think about Jesus and the Bible. And yes, it’s a fact, if these guys chose to worship an exalt Satan and all his token loves of suicide and death.

And yes, if you listen to bands like the Faceless, they borrow heavily their sound from Extol, without mention from the band themselves, it’s no question their effect on both secular and Christian circles of music. It’s also very admirable their efforts to help aid and support Africa through New Life Missions Aid.

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