Ambitions and Goals beyond 2024?! and who is Vlad Savchuk?

With the coming of the new year, I think it’s important to think about yourself and most importantly about your friends and company, or better yet community. There is power in numbers and seeing and breathing this knowledge is good to take heart. So, with all of this in my mind, I want you to do something similar of this nature and see how well it leads and adjusts your life. I don’t know, but I am sick and fucking tired of shit not getting done and things remain badly.

  1. “Set a goal to be not just to do – take some time to ask the Lord for a vision for yourself or your family for this coming year.
  2. Focus on routines not resolutions – Jesus was always interested in creating a lifestyle of faith in His followers instead of random leaps of faith.
  3. Use the 21/90 rule – remember that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle.
  4. Start small – small changes make a big difference.” -v=Vlad Savchuk

See this whole list and detail and describe is completely new to me. I am not good with math, and I do not understand the whole 21/90 rule and that philosophy and style.

Please do not take what I’ve said today as my own concrete word. Because most of this post and its intention is because of the pastor and fellow human being searching for the return of Christ.

Lastly it is of considerable importance that YOU, take the actions to better yourself and your life.

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