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repping 225lbs bench press – a standard in football training?

It was never made aware to me that the American Football uses the exercise of bench pressing as a standard and a way to determine an athlete’s strength and overall physical performance. According to Wikipedia the record is 51 reps … Continue reading

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Займенники та літературні слова чи предмети не ідентифікують вашу стать

I think it’s hilarious that for some reason people have this idea in their heads that you can just wave your hands and this magic fairy dust comes out of the sky and behold here is your brilliant discovery. No, … Continue reading

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leaky gut, lectin and prebiotics?

https://gutcleanseprotocol.com/230510a/video/video.php I randomly saw this ad and didn’t think much of it, but out of curiosity I watched it to the end and I am actually feeling kind of down on myself because I am in the group of people … Continue reading

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