the Punisher

Growing up I was always into superheroes and comic books but one that really caught my attention and interest was the Punisher. It is about this guy who had a good life, and it was all taken away from him, from bad people. Well, people that have become so bad and twisted that they would destroy his family and life. So, it is with that idea and premise that we get the Punisher comic book. It Frank Castle, this is the name of the Punisher character and role of the Punisher. Him and his friends if he even has any, I cannot come to think of any names except I do know there is a guy who does help the Punisher I just can’t think of his name yet. So, there you have the basics out of the way, and can now get into the thrill ride of the Punisher and his adventures to solve and wrestle with all kinds of crime and seedy shit that life pours out to us.

I went ahead and bought the favorite issue of the comic, “a game of chicken”, this was the comic that solidified in my opinion of how great the series is. It had all the right moves in it. From the action, and plot delivery – everything got shoved in and out, really well and impactfully.

I am not much aware of how the comic is doing now recently, it’s been a long time since I’ve had the privilege of getting my hands on some comics, to be honest.

Well, there you go, this is my first deep dive and introduction from me to you of what is my favorite superhero, this only next to batman.

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