A father to the fatherless

The thing about my life is that my dad split on my mom when I was really young. I was forced into public schools in the 4th grade, after being taught an education. by my mom alone. During that time, my family was a unit, and my mom and dad were together. When my mom and dad divorced, I didn’t know the full extent of what was happening or going on.

Growing up, I suppose I view my oldest brother as the closest thing to a father figure. He was forced to grow up fast. It’s unfortunate that he had such a difficult time, this poured over to me and my other siblings.

Religion, psychology and even myths and fairy tales are things that entertained both my imagination and even my life. But one thing was certain, in life the details are painted with pain, blood, sweat and tears. It’s a miracle my parents and even my brothers and sisters are all still around. One-person of which has survived many close calls, is nobody other than me. I have always had this penchant for death, and for giving up. A bit of a coward but now we are clutching to something really close to home.

I suppose it best now, that I declare and recognize whom I see as the best and most reliable father and that is Christ. The bible and scriptures are historical, and the message is plain and clear that Jesus died and gave His life for humanity that it would live and survive.

Outside of the scriptures I suppose you can see in mythology like the Greek tragedies or in one pivotal and personal portrait with the Grimm’s brother’s fairy tale, “Iron John”. In this story it is about a boy who goes on a bit of a rite of passage with the mysterious and almost dangerous “iron john”. Its parallel’s many different aspects of men and masculinity.

Where I live and survive today is all on account of these various and complex and sordid stories and tales. So, while my own dad wasn’t and is not really much a part of my life, I do owe and pay tribute and respect to all men around the world who go above and beyond for those who are not biologically their own,

About Trevor Markiv

wandering the cosomos trying to blast galaxies and find the stars.
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